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    12-Speed Bench Drill Machine with Laser, 25mm, 1200W

    Bench drill machine for sale, 1200W industrial grade high power, laser positioning function. Variable 12-speed, drilling diameter 25mm, drill chuck 5~20mm, spindle speed 280~2380rpm. Configuration can select 4 inch flat vise, 4 inch cross precision bench vise or 302 precision rotary table.
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    The bench drill machine is a table-type drill press, used for drilling on channel steel, angle iron, iron block and stainless steel as well as wood. It has laser head for positioning, speed control is 12-level.


    Model T-BDM-ZJL5125
    A Drilling Diameter 25mm  1200W 25mm Bench Drill Machine with Laser Specification Diagram
    Motor Power 1200W
    Rated Voltage 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Drill Chuck 5-20mm
    Main Shaft Trip 85mm
    B Speed Level 12 levels
    Spindle Speed 280-2380rpm
    Spindle to Beat ≤0.02mm
    Chuck Beat ≤0.10mm
    C Spindle Taper B22
    D Axis to Column Surface 176mm
    E Output Shaft to Workbench Surface 585mm
    F Output Shaft Bottom Seat Surface 1135mm
    Table Size 290*290mm
    The Base Size 448*265mm
    G Column Diameter 80mm
    Machine Height 1600mm
    H Weight 66kg
    Packing Size 1480*680*360mm


    • Heavy duty bench drill machine, with vertical design, it can be placed directly on the floor, and small size saving space.
    • Double-lamp holder laser head for accurate positioning drilling, improve work efficiency and quality.
    • Application: stainless steel, channel steel, aluminum, angle iron, iron block and other metal drilling and woodworking milling.

    Structure Diagram of 25mm Bench Drill Machine

    Structure Diagram of 25mm 1200W Bench Drill Machine

    Dimension Drawing of 25mm Bench Drill Machine

    Dimension Drawing of 25mm 1200W Bench Drill Machine

    Tips: How to ensure safety when using bench drill machine?

    1. Before use, check whether components of bench drill machine are normal.
    2. Drill bit and workpiece must be clamped and fastened, and workpiece cannot be held by hand, so as to avoid accident of injury and equipment damage caused by drill bit rotation.
    3. When operating bench drill machine, it is necessary to concentrate on the work. Rocker arm and carriage must be locked before working. When loading and unloading drill bit, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer and other tools, nor to hit the drill bit back and forth with spindle. Use special keys and wrenches to load and unload drill bit.
    4. When using bench drill press to drill thin board, it is needs to pad a wooden board. When drill bit is about to penetrate workpiece, apply light pressure to it to avoid breaking drill bit, damaging equipment, or causing accidents.
    5. When the drill is working, it is must not wear gloves for operation. It is forbidden to use cotton yarn and towels to wipe the drilling machine and remove iron filings. After use, wipe clean the drill press and cut off the power. The parts stacking site and working site should be kept neat and tidy.

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    Ben | 7/13/2021 9:12 AM
    Nice machine
    This is an ideal 1200W speed bench drill machine with laser. This unit was well packaged. The machine arrived with no damage and nothing was missing. Besides, it has ample power and the laser is accurate. I am extremely happy with my purchase.