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    5-Speed Bench Drill Press, 16mm, 550W

    Competitive price bench drill press for sale. Drilling diameter 16mm, rated power 550W, adjustable 5-level rotating speed. Drill chuck 3mm~16mm, spindle speed 620~2620rpm. Vise configuration can select 4 inch flat vise, 4 inch cross bench vise or 4 inch cross precision bench vise.
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    Bench drill press is a small drilling machine with 16mm drilling capacity. 5-level speed for adjustment and control. The drill machine is suitable for industrial/commercial/home use.


    Model T-BDM-ZJQ4116a
    A Drilling Diameter 16mm 550W 16mm Bench Drill Press Specification Diagram
    Motor Power 550W
    Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
    Drill Chuck 3-16mm
    Main Shaft Trip 50mm
    B Speed Level 5 levels
    Spindle Speed 620-2620rpm
    Spindle to Beat ≤0.03mm
    Chuck Beat ≤0.15mm
    C Spindle Taper B16
    D Axis to Column Surface 129mm
    E Output Shaft to Workbench Surface 387mm
    F Output Shaft Bottom Seat Surface 546mm
    Table Size 196*198mm
    The Base Size 205*340mm
    G Column Diameter 58mm
    Machine Height 840mm
    H Weight 28kg
    Packing Size 700*440*280mm


    • The bench drill press is suitable for a wide range of working environments, with multiple functions such as turning beads, drilling, milling machines, and DIY. Suitable for industrial/commercial use.
    • Adjustment dial with precise scale, has precise adjustment and spindle limit function, easy, fast and accurately to process workpiece.
    • Motor adjustment handle can adjust the motor to move back and forth and quickly shift gears.

    Structure Diagram of 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Structure Diagram of 550W 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Dimension Drawing of 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Dimension Drawing of 550W 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Tips: Adjustment operation before using bench drill press.

    1. Adjustment for bench drill press spindle speed. According to different diameter of drill bit and processing material, select appropriate speed. Stop the spindle before adjustment. Open the cover, turn the pulley by hand, and hang the V-belt on small pulley, and then hang it on large pulley until V-belt is hung on appropriate pulley.
    2. Adjustment for up, down, left and right positions of the drill press workbench. First hold worktable with left hand, then release the locking handle with right hand, and swing worktable to move it down or up to the desired position, and finally lock the locking handle.
    3. Adjustment for spindle feed position. The feed of spindle is achieved by turning the feed handle. Before drilling, raise and lower the spindle to check whether the height of worktable is appropriate. In addition, for the bench drill press with a round worktable,  it can be rotated around its cylindrical machine body.
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    John | 9/22/2020 3:08 AM
    Powerful 5-speed bench drill press
    The 5-speed bench drilling machine is powerful, with five speeds for you to choose. It can be widely used for precision machining of models, drilling holes, aluminum plates, composite boards, thin metal plates, circuit boards, hard materials and other non-specific drilling. The adjustment dial has precise scales, high work efficiency, and can easily and accurately process workpieces.