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    Hammers Price List
    A hammer consists of a different size of head and handle, which is used for driving nails into wood, changing the shape of the metal, cracking stone and striking chisels. The hammer head is typically made of alloy steel with heat treatment for improving toughness and the handle is commonly made of wood or plastic. Different kinds of hammers can be purchased on We will provide high quality hammers and give best prices for you. Hammers
    Hot Melt Glue Gun Wholesale Price List
    If you like making some handcrafts, you must be familiar with a hot melt glue gun, because many small objects cannot be done without it. The hot melt glue gun is very convenient to use. In daily life, you can use it to repair furniture, paste objects or repair kid's toys. In addition, it is applied in many fields, such as carton sealant, automobile product assembly, refrigerator sealant, furniture production, shoe industry, wood industry, toy industry, textile industry, handicrafts and others. Now, we provide you the best hot melt glue gun at online shop, selectable 20W, 25W, 60W, 100W, 200W, 300W. You can buy them at low cost. We’ve listed hot melt glue gun wholesale price list in the table below.
    Vernier Caliper Wholesale Price List
    Vernier caliper is a measuring tool for measuring length, inner/ outer diameter and depth. The vernier caliper consists of a main ruler and a sliding vernier attached to the main ruler. There are two movable measuring claws on the main ruler and the vernier, namely the inner measuring claw and the outer measuring claw. The inner measuring jaw is usually used to measure the inner diameter, and the outer measuring jaw is usually used to measure the length and outer diameter. Vernier calipers are generally measured in millimeters. There are 4 kinds of minimum reading values: 0.1 mm (10 divisions on the vernier), 0.05 mm (20 divisions on the vernier), 0.02 mm (50 divisions on the vernier), 0.01mm (100 divisions on the vernier). The above-mentioned vernier calipers are available at wholesale prices on, which are shown in the wholesale price list.Wholesale price vernier caliper

    Flashlight Latest Wholesale Price List
    LED Flashlight

    Flashlight also named as torch, is a hand tool for night lighting. There are a great many kinds of flashlights and headlamps with different prices, how to select a cost-effective one? For sure, good flashlights must have good performance. At, we offer you the best LED flashlights and headlamps online, such as mini LED pen flashlight, COB mini LED flashlight, waterproof LED diving flashlight, 1000 lumens LED rechargeable flashlight, handheld rechargeable work light, 395nm UV black light flashlight, 3000 lumens rechargeable headlamp, COB rechargeable headlamp. They are all at wholesale price. It is definitely worth buying our products because they meet all of your requirements.
    Air Blow Guns Wholesale Price in China recommends some of our best price air blow guns for you. The latest wholesale price list lists pneumatic blow guns with barrel lengths of 3inch, 4inch, 5inch, 9inch, 10inch and 16inch. These specifications are the most common in China, and our website has a large stock available for wholesale. Air duster gun uses the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, thereby generating a powerful and precise airflow and driving the surrounding air to work together. In China, as a cleaning air tool, the pneumatic blow gun is mainly used for dust removal during factory production, installation, and maintenance. It is most suitable for use in some narrow or high parts that cannot be reached by hands and the cleaning work in the trachea. Therefore, China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Aerospace, China Coal, China Steel, China Food, China Medicine and other industries will buy and use air blow gun in large quantities.
    Garden Sprayers Latest Wholesale Price provides wholesale price garden sprayers online. The garden sprayers listed in the latest price list include 0.5-5 gallons pump garden sprayers and some small spray bottles. As the essential garden tool for everyone, these garden pump sprayers have super hardness and the colors and materials are the best. They can spray even water mist, and you can also adjust the size of the water droplets. Our backpack pressure sprayers are suitable for disinfection of sanitation and epidemic prevention, hotels, greenhouses and storage; water spraying and pest control for flowers, bonsai, and nurseries; pest control for small farmland vegetables and fruit trees, etc. Now buy a lower cost garden backpack sprayer from and you'll get great benefits.

    Wholesale price garden pump sprayer

    Sheep & Dog Clippers Wholesale Price List
    Sheep clippers and dog clippers are all shearing machine used in hair cutting for animals. Electric clipper is a simple power tool with compact and low price. The main components of electric hair clippers are blades, guards, combs and motors. Generally, electric hair clippers have a set of movable blades and a set of fixed blades. The movable blade grabs the sheep/dog/cat hair and moves it toward the fixed blade. When the hair is between the blades, it is cut off. The principle is similar to scissors and razors. Motor provides power for the moving mechanism. The moving mechanism moves blades back and forth, thereby shearing hair between the movable blade and the fixed blade.
    Air Drill Wholesale Price List
    Air drill, as known as pneumatic drill, is a kind of handheld air tool that is mainly used for drilling metal construction, especially thin-walled shell and aluminum magnesium material. We use it a lot where we need to drill holes. Air drill requires compressed air to work, so you need to prepare an air compressor and air hose before use. The compressed air is cold, long-term used of the pneumatic drill can greatly help it heat dissipation. This is why the factories prefer air drills for long-term work. In addition, it is safer than an electric drill, you don’t need to be afraid of potential safety hazards like an electric shock and leakage.
    Plant Trays Price List
    The plant trays (also called seed trays) is an important garden tool in the factory seedling production process, which provides a guarantee for the rapid and mass production of garden seedlings. The following is the wholesale price list of plant trays on We provide lower cost plant growing trays of different thicknesses and sizes. Here you can choose the thickness from 0.4mm to 1.2mm, or choose from 15 holes/ 72 holes/ 128 holes/ 200 holes/ 288 holes. At the same time, there are many types of plant starter trays for wholesale, which are used for the cultivation and transportation of succulents.