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    Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge, Silver/Black

    Best magnetic caster camber gauge features 2 level bubbles and a bottom screw, 4 models for choice, silver/black color and magnetic round base/ internal magnet, ±5° measuring range, ensuring high efficiency for camber/caster angle adjustment in four wheel alignment.
    SKU: T-CCG-1
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    Magnetic camber gauge is good for adjusting the camber/caster angle of automotive tires, which is greater than the specified value minus 1 degree. The side magnet can keep camber gauge attaching to the wheel tightly, and then reparier can quickly and accurately adjust the camber angle according to the indication.


    Model T-CCG-163-S T-CCG-163-B T-CCG-302-S T-CCG-302-B
    Weight 290g 290g 162g 162g
    Size 20*30*125mm 20*30*125mm 20*31*115mm 20*31*115mm
    Measuring range ±5° ±5° ±5° ±5°
    Accuracy 0.2° 0.2° 0.2° 0.2°
    Magnetic round base diameter 50mm 50mm No round base No round base
    Color Silver Black Silver Black
    Number of level bubble 2 2 2 2
    Level regulation mode Manually adjust bottom screw Manually adjust bottom screw Manually adjust bottom screw Manually adjust bottom screw

    Tips: How to use a caster camber gauge?

    1. Remove the four-wheel alignment sensor and remove the car tire.
    2. Attach the magnetic camber gauge carefully to the side of the brake wheel disc.
    3. Adjust the bubble of caster camber gauge to the zero position.
    4. Install the required positioning special parts.
    5. Use special tools and adjust the positioning parts to reach the required measurement angle.

    For four-wheel positioning adjustment, it is convenient to see the adjustment angle by using a camber gauge. The operation is very simple. Just directly attract the magnet side to the elevation angle. Especially when the vehicle can only be jacked up, tire removal is inconvenient and the data cannot be viewed directly on the four-wheel alignment device, it is very efficient and accurate to use a magnetic caster camber gauge to adjust the camber angle.
    In addition, when parking the RV outdoors, using a magnetic camber gauge can quickly confirm whether the RV tires are perpendicular to the horizontal plane, so as to confirm whether the internal floor is level, and avoid safety accidents.

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    Briana | 8/5/2021 9:07 AM
    Cheap price, works great
    Proven to be very useful multiple times already. I have used it numerous times in a week. The magnet is very strong and durable. I keep it in the box provided. Magnetic Caster Camber Gauge is very helpful when doing my car wheel alignment. It works very good and my husband likes it. I would highly recommend this product!!