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    Concrete Road Saw, Walk Behind, 13HP, 20"

    Low cost concrete road saw best for cutting concrete, walk behind design, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile and other solid materials. 16"/ 18"/ 20" blade size, cutting depth up to 180mm, 13HP air cool 4-stroke gasoline engine with EU or EPA standard, Honda/ Loncin/ Robin or other brand engine is available.
    SKU: T-RC-GQR400B
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    Asphalt road cutting machine, walk behind concrete floor saw for sale at factory price, 13HP Honda/ Loncin/ Lifan...gasoline engine, 16 inch (400mm), 18 inch (450mm), 20 inch (500mm) blade size for optional, 180mm cutting depth, 1-3 m/min cutting speed, 42L water tank.


    Model T-GQR400B
    Engine Type Air-cool, single cyliner, 4-stroke gasoline engine
    Engine Brand (Optional)* Honda Loncin
    Power 13HP (9.5kW) 13HP (9.5kW)
    Blade Size (Optional)* 16 inch (400mm), 18 inch (450mm), 20 inch (500mm)
    Cutting Depth 180mm
    Cutting Speed 1-3 m/min
    Width of Cutting Slot 2-6mm
    Water Tank 42L
    Warranty 12 months
    Certification CE
    Weight 135kg
    Packing Size 112*66*98cm


    Asphalt floor saw road cutting machine details

    Tips: What is a concrete floor saw?

    The main function of concrete road saw is to cut seams on the road surface, which is a power tool for road maintenance and construction. It is often used on cement roads and asphalt roads and the cutting depth ranging from 100mm to 200mm. It may be powered by gasoline, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, or an electric motor. The road cutting machine uses diamond blades for cutting, which has fast cutting speed, smooth and beautiful cuts, and can cut steel bars in concrete. A hand wheel that can adjust the cutting depth is installed next to the handle of the machine. Rotate the hand wheel to raise and lower the front traveling wheel to adjust the height of the saw blade.

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    Herbalist | 4/6/2021 6:07 AM
    Great concrete road saw
    Great concrete road saw. I am a worker who cuts road surfaces. I have been using this concrete road saw. This 20 inch concrete road saw can cut any hard road surface. This is by far the best road saw I have ever used. I like it so much.