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    Semi-Automatic Wall Cutter Machine, 500mm (20"), 8500W

    Reasonable price wall cutting machine ( semi-automatic version) construction tool equipped with double 220V, 50Hz, 8500W electric motor, cutting depth up to 500mm (20 inch), combines with control box to cut the door, window or elevator hole and other large area wall cutting.
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    Semi-automatic concrete brick wall cutter machine for sales, features 500mm (20") max cutting depth, 8500W power, 300 r/min no-load speed, operates at 50Hz 220V rated voltage. Portable wall cutter machine construction tool is mainly used for building or old building renovation, reinforcement, change the design.


    Model T-JL-S1200X
    Saw Type Circular Saw
    Max. Cutting Depth 500mm (20")
    Voltage 220V AC
    No-load Speed 300 r/min
    Power 8500W
    Frequency 50Hz
    Standard Saw Blade 1200mm (47")
    Weight (with package) 150 kg
    Dimension Main Engine: 590*560*1040 mm (23"*22"*41")
    Protected Hood: 1290*130*1290 mm (51"*5"*51")
    Guide Rai: 1220*170*90 mm (48"*7"*3.5")
    Application Wall, Pillar, Building Renovation, Road, Bridge and Railway


    1. Stainless Steel Chuck Plate: Chuck plate with dewatering orifice made of steel could connect to the water pump to dedust.

    2. Protected Hood: Used with stainless steel chuck, effectively prevent dust droplets, sewage splashing, and accidental occurrence of saw blade operation.

    3. Diamond Saw Blade: Thicken steel sharp cutting head, durable, high strength, and uneasy to transform, suitable for granite, marble, high standard concrete etc.

    4. Twin Motor: Double industrial grade special motor with durable and stable output, more powerful horsepower and more efficiency.

    5. Circuit Breaker: Automatic trip power off after overload, guarantee security. After tripping, it could be reused when the air switch closed again.

    6. Labor-saving Hand Wheel: Aluminum wheel, more durable. Folding plastic handle, user-friendly design.

    7. Steel Gear Track: Made of aviation grade aluminum, high density, light weight, easy to fix. The standard is 1.2m, 0.8~2.4m could be customized based on your demand.

    8. Control Case: Showing voltage, power and electric current, easy to check. Could customize detachable base which could be fixed at different position of the steel gear track.

    Machine Details

    300mm wall cutting machine details

    Wall Cutter Accessories

    12" brick wall cutter machine accessories

    Power Plug Selection

    (Note: Power plug can be customized based on your local machine standards)

    300mm 8500W wall cutter machine power plug selection

    Tips: What is wall cutter machine

    The wall cutter machine is mainly used for the reconstruction, reinforcement and design modification of buildings or old buildings. It can cut large-area walls such as door holes, windows or elevator holes. The structure is non-destructive and one-time forming, in addition to avoiding the damage to the building structure caused by traditional masters.

    The wall cutting machine is easy to operate, fix the track with expansion screws, put the machine on the track (there are serrations on the track, the gear on the machine will not slip off and can only be moved by handwheel operation), install the saw blade, protective cover and pass water after power on, the two hand wheels are operated, the middle hand wheel controls the upper and lower blades of the saw blade and the right hand wheel controls the machine to move on the track. Using heavy-duty double-insulated high-power motor and reducer, the failure rate is low, the service life is long and maintenance costs are saved. The special mechanical clutch protection device effectively prevents damage to the machine and personnel due to misoperation. In addition to improving the construction quality and speeding up the construction, it also greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

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