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    Concrete Floor Saw, Walk Behind, 16"/18"/20"

    Buy walk behind concrete floor saw with competitive price, 16 inch (400mm), 18 inch (450mm), 20 inch (500mm) blade diameter for selection, powered by 13HP gasoline engine, 30L water tank, cutting depth up to 180mm, a powerful road cutter to cut concrete, brick, asphalt etc.
    SKU: T-RC-GQR400C
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    Walk behind floor saw for sale, designed to cut concrete, asphalt. It equipped with air cool 4 stroke 13HP gasoline engine from Honda/ Lifan/ Loncin, 16"/18"/20" blade size, 1-3 m/min cutting speed. Road cutting machine is much more minimized, energy saving, easy to transport and dynamic compare with cutting machine with electric motor.


    Model T-GQR400C
    Engine Type Air-cool, single cyliner, 4-stroke gasoline engine
    Engine Brand (Optional)* Honda Lifan
    Power 13HP (9.5kW) 13HP (9.5kW)
    Blade Size (Optional)* 16 inch (400mm), 18 inch (450mm), 20 inch (500mm)
    Cutting Depth 180mm
    Cutting Speed 1-3 m/min
    Width of Cutting Slot 2-6mm
    Water Tank 30L
    Warranty 12 months
    Certification CE
    Weight 120kg
    Packing Size 112*66*98cm


    Concrete floor saw cutter machine application

    Tips: Choose a right concrete road saw

    Before buying a road cutting machine, you must know the material and cutting depth of the ground you need to cut. The depth of normal cement floor and asphalt pavement is generally less than 150mm. Therefore, it is most suitable to choose our T-RC-GQR400C road cutting machine, which has cutting depth up to 180mm.

    At present, the road cutter machines sold on the market have three types of power source: Electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine. According to different needs, choose the one that suits you. If it is indoors, workshops and other places where electricity is convenient, it is recommended to buy floor saw equipped with electric motor, which is economical and practical. It is recommended to use gasoline engine or diesel engine power in places where electricity is not convenient for construction sites.

    The T-RC-GQR400C concrete road saw machine for gasoline engines weighs 120kg, powered by 13HP gasoline engine. Generally, engines of different brands have different performances and Honda engines seem to be more favored by customers. When choosing a gasoline engine, you must also consider noise and weight. Compared with diesel engines, it is lighter and less noisy. The price of different gasoline engines varies greatly.

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    Brent | 11/27/2020 1:49 AM
    Good concrete floor saw
    I am an employee engaged in commercial construction. Today's task is to saw bricks. The tool we need to use is a concrete floor saw. It is very powerful and can be used not only to cut bricks, but also to cut concrete and asphalt. Recommend buy.