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    12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Electric Drill, 10mm

    Cheap electric drill for sale. Cordless hand-held. Powered by 12V/16.8V/21V lithium battery (optional). Maximum drilling diameter 10mm (2/5 inch). No-load speed 0-350 rpm and 0-1300 rpm variable. Can be used as a screwdriver, and drilling for ceramic tile, wood, metal.
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    Cordless electric drill is operated by rechargeable lithium battery, 12V/16.8V/21V for selection. Drilling on metal, wood, ceramic tile, maximum diameter is 10mm, or it can be used as a screwdriver.


    Model T-DZ-12 T-DZ-16 T-DZ-21
    Rated Voltage 12V 16.8V 21V
    Battery Capacity 3,000mAh 4,500mAh 7,500mAh
    Battery Type Li-ion
    Rated Input Power 60W
    Rated Torque 2-22N.m
    No-load speed 0-350 rpm
    0-1300 rpm
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Max. Drilling Diameter 10mm
    Torque Setting 18+1 gear
    Charger Input 110V~240V AC
    Charge Time 1 hour
    Chuck Clamping Range 0.8-10mm
    Max. Screw Diameter 6mm
    Material ABS
    Weight 0.8kg


    • Cordless electric drill has small size and lightweight, operate easily even for a woman.
    • Double functions of flat drill and screwdriver for switching.
    • Adjustable 2-speed. Level-1 is low speed, suitable for screwing. Level-2 is high-speed, suitable for drilling.

    Cordless Electric Drill Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Electric Drill, 10mm

    Drill Bit Installation for Cordless Electric Drill

    1. Loosen the chuck counterclockwise.
    2. Install a suitable drill bit.
    3. Tighten the chuck clockwise.
    4. Installation is complete.

    Drill Bit Installation of 12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Electric Drill, 10mm

    Tips: Cautions when using cordless electric drill.

    1. Please charge the cordless electric drill at 10~40℃. If temperature is lower than 10°C, it may cause overcharging, which is extremely dangerous.
    2. Charger is equipped with safety protection device, and it will automatically cut off the power after lithium battery is fully charged.
    3. Do not allow impurities to enter connection hole of the charger.
    4. Do not disassemble the lithium battery and charger.
    5. Do not short-circuit the lithium battery. When lithium battery is short-circuited, a large current will be generated, causing the battery to overheat and burn out.
    6. Do not throw the rechargeable battery into water. It will explode if heated.
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    Spannaus | 6/15/2021 2:01 AM
    Great 10mm cordless electric drill
    I bought this 10mm cordless electric drill after reading all the reviews. I was hesitant asit due to battery, but the battery life is great when fully charged. I use this 10mm cordless electric drill for drilling and honestly it was a wonderful investment. I definitely would recommend.