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    5.0~5.5-Amp Impact Hammer Drill, 1/2 Inch

    Best impact hammer drill for sale. 2-level rotation speed of 0-1200 rpm and 0-3200 rpm variable, maximum drill bit 1/2 inch (13mm), 1200W high power, rated current 5.5-Amp for 220V, 5.0-Amp for 240V. Competitive price and satisfactory working efficiency.
    SKU: T-IHD-551
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    Hammer and drill functions can be switched with one click, which can punch holes and screw screws. Two-stage variable speed, adapt to different working requirements.


    Model T-XZJ09-13
    Rated Power 1200W
    Rated Voltage 220V/240V (50/60 Hz)
    Rated Current 5.5 Amps (220V)
    5.0 Amps (240V)
    Max. Drilling Diameter 1/2 inch (13mm)
    Packing Size 364*260*90mm
    Weight 3kg
    Accessories 1 chuck key, 2 carbon brushes


    • Impact drill mode: cement brick, cement pillar, concrete, ceiling, wall, red brick, etc.
    • Flat drill mode: metal, ceramic tile, glass, wooden board, plastic, metal sheet, etc.

    Structure Diagram of Impact Hammer Drill

    Structure of 5~5.5A Impact Hammer Drill, 1/2 Inch


    • Alloy chuck is compatible with round, triangular and hexagonal drill bits. Clamping is stable and drill bit will not fall off.
    • All-copper powerful motor, high load, good heat dissipation, strong stability and long service life.

    Drill Bit Installation

    1. Pull down the outer ferrule of chuck.
    2. Insert the drill bit into chuck.
    3. Loosen the outer ferrule of chuck.

    Drill Bit Installation of 5~5.5A Impact Hammer Drill, 1/2 Inch

    Tips: Precautions for using impact hammer drill correctly.

    1. Confirm whether the power supply used on site matches impact hammer drill nameplate and whether there is a leakage protector connected.
    2. Drill bit and the fixture must be adapted and installed properly.
    3. When drilling walls, ceilings, and floors, confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.
    4. When working at high places, pay full attention to the safety of objects and pedestrians below, and set up warning signs when necessary.
    5. Before starting, confirm whether the impact hammer drill switch is off. If power switch is turned on, impact hammer drill will rotate unexpectedly when the plug is inserted into power socket, which may cause personal injury.
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