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    12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Impact Drill, 10mm/20mm

    Best cordless impact drill for sale. Cordless hand-held. Power supply 12V/16.8V/21V lithium battery for selection. Max drilling diameter wood 20mm or steel 10mm. Variable no-load speed 0-450 rpm and 0-1500 rpm. Suit concrete, cement, drywall, ceramic tile, wood, metal.
    SKU: T-CED-1020
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    Cordless impact drill has 3-function of impact, flat drill and screwdriver, which can be easily switched. 12V/16.8V/21V rechargeable battery for selection. It is a compact small power drill for industrial, commercial, home use.


    Model T-JDZ-12 T-JDZ-16 T-JDZ-21
    Rated Voltage 12V 16.8V 21V
    Battery Capacity 3000mAh 4500mAh 7500mAh
    Battery Type Li-ion
    Rated Input Power 80W
    Rated Torque 2-25N.m
    No-load speed 0-450 rpm
    0-1500 rpm
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Max. Drilling Diameter 20mm/10mm (wood/steel)
    Torque Setting 25+1 gear
    Charger Input 110~240V AC
    Charge Time 1 hour
    Chuck Clamping Range 0.8-10mm
    Max. Screw Diameter 6mm
    Material ABS
    Weight 1.2kg

    Cordless Impact Drill Functions

    • Impact function: drilling holes in concrete, cement bricks, red brick walls, etc.
    • Flat drill function: drilling holes in ceramic tiles, wood, metal, etc.
    • Screwdriver function: electrical device disassembly and maintenance, toy disassembly, furniture assembly, etc.


    • Adjustable high and low speeds. Level-1 is low speed, suitable for screwing. Level-2 is high-speed, suitable for drilling.
    • Small Cordless electric drill with lightweight, operate easily even for a woman.
    • Cordless impact drill adopts high-strength metal gear box, strong and durable. Porous heat dissipation, long-term operation will not burn the machine, long service life.

    Structure Diagram of Cordless Impact Drill

    Structure Diagram of 12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Impact Drill, 10mm/20mm

    Torque Adjust Diagram

    Torque Adjust Diagram of 12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Impact Drill, 10mm/20mm

    Drill Bit Installation

    1. Unscrew the chuck and put in drill bit.
    2. Close the chuck by hand, fix the drill bit.
    3. Tighten the chuck with forward rotation force of cordless impact drill.

    Drill Bit Installation of 12V/16.8V/21V Cordless Impact Drill, 10mm/20mm

    Tips: Use the charger of cordless impact drill correctly.

    1. Do not insert metal objects or flammable or explosive objects into ventilation holes of the charger, otherwise it will damage charger or cause electric shock.
    2. Do not use generators or DC power supply devices to charge lithium batteries. Be sure to use charger under the voltage conditions specified on nameplate.
    3. Do not use unspecified ordinary dry batteries or car batteries. Please use the specified charger.
    4. Charger and battery will heat up slightly during charging, so cordless impact drill must be charged in a cool place with good ventilation or indoors.
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    Sanjay | 12/3/2020 7:39 AM
    Lightweight wireless impact drill
    I always think that the impact drill is very heavy, but this wireless impact drill is beyond my expectations. It is very light and easy to operate even for women. Suitable for concrete, cement, gypsum board, ceramic tile, wood, metal.