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    Cordless Electric Paint Sprayer, 20V, 8 GPH

    Cordless electric paint sprayer for sale. Powered by 20V 2000mAh Lithium, bottle capacity 800mL, water consumption 8 GPH (500mL/min), air consumption 1.4 ㎡/min, no-load speed 30000/min, nozzle orifice diameter 1.8mm.
    SKU: T-EPS-208
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    Electric paint sprayer is a cordless tool powered by 20V lithium battery. It is a HVLP electric paint spray gun, applicable paintings are exterior paint, interior paint, top paint, nitro paint, polyurethane paint, polyester paint, metallic paint, varnish and so on.


    Model T-EP101A
    Rated Voltage 20V Lithium
    No-Load Speed 30,000/min
    Capacity 800mL
    Nozzle Diameter 1.8mm
    Air Pressure 0.1kg/cm3
    Air Consumption 1.4m2/min
    Water Consumption 8 GPH (500mL/min)
    Maximum Viscosity 50 DIN/sec
    Weight 2kg


    • Cordless electric paint sprayer can be used in paint spraying for exterior wall, wood art, furniture, metal, staircase, car and interior decoration, leather dyeing, formaldehyde removal, etc.
    • Replaceable nozzle, controllable flow, adjustable spraying shape.

    Cordless Electric Paint Sprayer Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of Cordless Electric Paint Sprayer, 20V, 8 GPH

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer Gun

    • Round dot shape: suitable for corner position with small area.
    • Horizontal shape: suitable for vertical position with large area.
    • Vertical shape: suitable for horizontal position with large area.

    Battery Removal Method

    1. Press the battery button.
    2. Pull out the battery pack backwards.

    As shown in diagram.

    Battery Removal Method of Cordless Electric Paint Sprayer

    Charging status diagram for cordless electric paint sprayer

    Tips: Precautions for use of cordless electric paint sprayer.

    1. When spray gun is standing still, electric paint sprayer should not be placed upside down to prevent the paint from flowing back into motor, which will damage the motor.
    2. When spray gun is spraying upwards, do not release the trigger, otherwise the paint will flow back into motor and cause damage to the machine.
    3. Electric paint sprayer cannot spray vertically upwards. When spraying the top, can tilt 45° for spraying operation.
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    Maria | 8/3/2021 2:17 AM
    Useful cordless electric paint sprayer
    My project was to paint my garden fence from top to bottom. This 20V cordless electric paint sprayer was very easy to assemble. I did thin the paint with 25% water. It works quickly on the project. My favorite part of the gun is the ease of cleaning. It is so much easier than brushing and roller. Such a fabulous spray painting device.