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    800ml Electric Paint Sprayer, 350W, 8 GPH

    Cheap electric paint sprayer. Pot capacity 800ml, water consumption 8 GPH (500 ml/min), air consumption 1.4 ㎡/min. Input power 350W, no-load speed 30000/min. Applicable nozzle diameter 1.8mm.
    SKU: T-EPS-3508
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    Application: Paint spraying for exterior wall, wood art, furniture, metal, staircase, car and interior decoration, leather dyeing, formaldehyde removal, etc.


    Model T-EP011
    Rated Voltage 230V~240V
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Input Power 350W
    No-LoadSpeed 30000/min
    Capacity 800ml
    Nozzle Diameter 1.8mm
    Air Pressure 0.1kg/cm3
    Air Consumption 1.4m2/min
    Water Consumption 8 GPH (500 ml/min)
    Maximum Viscosity 50 DIN/sec
    Accessories side mucus funnel
    Weight 2kg


    • Electric HVLP spray gun, nozzle replaceable, flow control, spray shape adjustable.
    • Driven by motor and does not generate water vapor or oil stains.
    • High power, high atomization, even and fine spraying, efficient and material saving.

    Structure Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer

    Structure Diagram of 800ml Electric Paint Sprayer, 350W, 8 GPH

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer Gun

    • Round dot shape: suitable for corner position with small area.
    • Horizontal shape: suitable for vertical position with large area.
    • Vertical shape: suitable for horizontal position with large area.
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