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    800mL Electric Paint Sprayer, 350W, 8 GPH

    Cheap electric paint sprayer. Pot capacity 800mL, water consumption 8 GPH (500mL/min), air consumption 1.4 ㎡/min, input power 350W, no-load speed 30000/min. Applicable nozzle diameter 1.8mm.
    SKU: T-EPS-3508
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    The electric paint sprayer is a HVLP spray gun. Paint spraying for exterior wall, wood art, furniture, metal, staircase, car and interior decoration, leather dyeing, formaldehyde removal, etc.


    Model T-EP011
    Rated Voltage 230V~240V
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Input Power 350W
    No-Load Speed 30,000/min
    Capacity 800mL
    Nozzle Diameter 1.8mm
    Air Pressure 0.1 kg/cm3
    Air Consumption 1.4m2/min
    Water Consumption 8 GPH (500mL/min)
    Maximum Viscosity 50 DIN/sec
    Accessories side mucus funnel
    Weight 2kg


    • Electric paint sprayer has replaceable nozzle, flow control and adjustable spray shape.
    • Electric sprayer gun is driven by motor and does not generate water vapor or oil stains.
    • High power, high atomization, even and fine spraying, efficient and material saving.

    Electric Paint Sprayer Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 800ml Electric Paint Sprayer, 350W, 8 GPH

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer Gun

    • Round dot shape: suitable for corner position with small area.
    • Horizontal shape: suitable for vertical position with large area.
    • Vertical shape: suitable for horizontal position with large area.

    Correct Operation Diagram

    Correct Operation Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer

    Tips: Debug paint/latex paint viscosity before using electric paint sprayer.

    The standard of liquid viscosity applicable to electric paint sprayer: it can flow through funnel within 20-40 seconds. Before use, use a viscosity funnel to test whether the paint is too viscous. If it is too viscous, it needs to be diluted with corresponding diluent.

    Reference standard for measuring viscosity funnel
    (Ideal viscosity of various commonly used paints/latex paints/coatings)
    Solvent-based primer 20~40s Solvent paint 15~40s
    Water-based primer 25~40s Water-based paint 20~35s
    Wood anti-virus/Stripper, oil No need to dilute Latex paint 30~40s
    Oil/disinfectant/insecticide No need to dilute Car paint 20~35s
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    Jane | 9/11/2020 8:26 AM
    Great 800ml electric paint sprayer
    This 800ml electric paint sprayer is really good. It is easy to spray my bedroom walls. I started to practice with the primer on the back and I feel very comfortable using it. It has good spreadability and different nozzles help to draw different areas around doors and windows. The sprayer is easily broken down into different pieces and easy to clean.