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    800 ml Electric Paint Spray Gun, 650W, 17 GPH

    Affordable price electric paint spray gun. Pot capacity 800ml, water consumption 17 GPH (1100 ml/min), air consumption 1.3 ㎡/min. Input power 650W, no-load speed 30000/min. Nozzle orifice diameter 1.0mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.5mm.
    SKU: T-EPS-65017
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    Model T-EP003
    Rated Voltage 230V~240V
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Input Power 650W
    No-LoadSpeed 30000/min
    Capacity 800ml
    Nozzle Diameter 1.0mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.5mm
    Air Pressure 0.1kg/cm3
    Air Consumption 1.3m2/min
    Water Consumption 17 GPH (1100 ml/min)
    Accessories side mucus funnel, pipe, belt
    Weight 3kg


    • Electric HVLP spray gun with replaceable nozzle, controllable flow, adjustable spraying shape, flexible pipe.
    • Suitable for exterior paint, interior paint, top paint, nitro paint, polyurethane paint, polyester paint, metallic paint, varnish, etc.

    Dimension Drawing of Electric Paint Spray Gun

    Dimension Drawing of 800 ml Electric Paint Spray Gun, 650W, 17 GPH

    Details of Electric Paint Spray Gun

    Details of 800 ml Electric Paint Spray Gun, 650W, 17 GPH

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram

    Adjustable Spraying Shape Diagram of Electric Paint Sprayer Gun

    • Round dot shape: suitable for corner position with small area.
    • Horizontal shape: suitable for vertical position with large area.
    • Vertical shape: suitable for horizontal position with large area.

    Tips: How to adjust spray shape for electric paint sprayer?

    1. Unscrew fixing ring of the nozzle.
    2. Adjust and change nozzle to the needed position of spraying shape (spray mode sign is on the nozzle).
    3. Tighten fixing ring of the nozzle.
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