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    2.6kW 11.8A Demolition Hammer

    Electric demolition hammer for sale. 2.6kW or 1.8kW high power for selection, 1400bpm/1850bpm maximum impact rate. Maximum drilling diameter 65mm or 105mm. Suitable for demolition and breaking of walls, floors and concrete. Low price with high quality.
    SKU: T-DLHM-26
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    Application: concrete demolition, wall drilling, slotted wiring, home decoration, industrial engineering, etc.


    Model T-01-105 T-03-65
    Rated Power 2.6kW 1.8kW
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Current 11.8A, 10.8A 8.2A, 7.5A
    Impact Per Minute 1850 bpm 1400 bpm
    Max. Drilling Diameter 105mm 65mm
    Tool-holder HEX30
    Packing Size 710*170*290mm
    Standard Accessories flat pick, sharp pick, wrench, carbon brush
    Weight 15.5kg 13kg


    • High-strength alloy chuck, effectively prevent the drill bit from falling off, strong and durable.
    • 360° rotatable handle design, suitable for multi-angle construction operations.
    • 3-wire motor, high hardness combined gear, stable transmission and long service life.

    Structure Diagram of Demolition Hammer

    Structure of 1.8/2.6kW Demolition Hammer, 1400/1850bpm


    Accessories of 1.8/2.6kW Demolition Hammer, 1400/1850bpm

    Tips: How to lubricate the demolition hammer?

    Be sure to turn off power switch of demolition hammer and unplug the power plug before filling oil.

    Large-scale demolition hammer is equipped with a fuel tank inside, so even if the oil is not supplied, and work 3~4 hours a day, it can be used continuously for about 20 days. Before using demolition hammer, you should inject oil according to the following method, or add oil in time when the hammer is obviously weak.

    When erecting the drilling rig, if the oil cannot be seen through oil gauge sight window, oil should be added in time. Before adding oil, remove the oil gauge with a wrench. Take care to prevent loss of rubber seal below. Check the oil level once a day to confirm whether the amount of oil is sufficient.

    For small demolition hammer, 30g lubricating oil should be injected, not more than 30g. Too much oil will cause serious failure of the whole machine. Too little oil will cause the whole machine to heat up and burn out internal parts. Do not use car lubricants, bicycle chain oils or other lubricants casually.

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