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    3kW 13.6A Demolition Hammer

    Reasonable price electric demolition hammer for sale. Rated input power 3kW. Rated voltage 220V, 13.6A. No-load speed 1400 rpm. Impact energy 45J. Standard configuration 1 pointed drill bit and 1 flat chisel. Heavy duty, net weight 20kg.
    SKU: T-DLHM-3000
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    Industrial heavy-duty demolition hammer/breaker/broken pick, powered by aluminum wire motor. For concrete/stone breaking, wall digging /demolition/renovation, tile removal, etc. Suitable for home/industrial use.


    Model T-DH3001
    Rated Input Power 3.0 kW
    Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
    Rated Current 13.6A
    No-Load Speed 1400 rpm
    Single Hammer Froce 45J
    Weight 20 kg


    • Concrete/stone breaking
    • Wall demolition and renovation
    • Pipe installing and wall digging
    • Tile removal

    Structure Diagram of Demolition Hammer

    Structure Diagram of 3kW 13.6A Demolition Hammer

    Standard Configuration

    Standard Configuration of 3kW 13.6A Demolition Hammer

    ① Demolition Hammer ② 1 Pointed Drill Bit, 1 Flat Chisel ③ 3 Allen Wrenches ④ 1 Oil Can ⑤ 1 Wrench

    Tips: Precautions for using demolition hammer.

    • Please wear safety helmet, safety glasses and protective mask when using. You can also wear dust masks, ear protectors and thick-padded gloves.
    • Before operating demolition hammer, it must be confirmed that the chisel nozzle is fastened to the specified position.
    • In general operation, demolition hammer works by vibration. Its screws are easy to loosen, which will cause falling apart or accidents. Therefore, you must check screws are fixed carefully before operation.
    • In cold season or when it is not used for a long time, demolition hammer should be run for a few minutes under no load to warm up before use.
    • Operator must stand in a strong place to use demolition hammer. When working at high places, make sure that no one is below.
    • Hold demolition hammer firmly with both hands to operate.
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