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    2.2kW 10A Demolition Hammer

    Best Electric demolition hammer for sale. Motor power 2.2kW. Rated voltage 220V, 10A. Maximum drilling diameter 1-1/2 inch (38mm). No-load speed 3800 rpm. Configuration 1 pointed bit and 1 flat chisel. Competitive price and multifunction.
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    Small demolition hammer/breaker for concrete/stone breaking, wall digging /demolition/renovation, tile removal, etc. It has 2200W high power but small size, suitable for home/industrial use.


    Model T-HK-RH870
    Rated Input Power 2.2kW
    Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
    Rated Current 10A
    No-Load Speed 3800 rpm
    Max. Drilling Diameter 1-1/2 inch (38mm)
    Weight 8.75 kg
    Standard Accessories 1 Pointed Drill Bit, 1 Flat Chisel, 1 Wrench


    • Type-37 precision grinded cylinder has great impact force, sturdiness and durability, no oil leakage, and high demolition efficiency.
    • With a shock-absorbing handle to reduce the impact to arm.
    • All-copper motor has strong power and can work continuously and efficiently.
    • Enlarged inlet and outlet vents, three-dimensional heat dissipation, better effect.

    Demolition Hammer Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 2.2kW 10A Demolition Hammer

    Demolition Hammer Application

    Application of 2.2kW 10A Demolition Hammer

    Tips: Daily maintenance for demolition hammer.

    1. Check the hammer bit.
      Using passivated hammer bit will cause the motor to work abnormally and reduce demolition hammer efficiency. Therefore, if the hammer bit is obviously worn, it should be replaced immediately or sharpened.
    2. Grind the chisel.
      It is necessary to grind the chisel regularly to prolong service life of demolition hammer and ensure good working results. You can use a grinding wheel to grind chisel. Keep watering during grinding, and reasonably grasp the grinding size. Make sure that chisel peak does not appear tempered, otherwise chisel hardness will be affected.
    3. Check the mounting screws.
      Always check whether the mounting screws are tight. If the screws are found to be loose, they should be re-tightened immediately, otherwise it will result serious accident.
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