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    Digging Automatic Screw Feeder, M1.4~M5.0

    Good price automatic screw feeder. Screw discharge method brushless digging type. Applicable screws M1.4, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0. Supply speed 60~180 pcs/min, capacity 200cc~220cc. The machine is suitable for British/metric screws with length≤20mm. Digital display and counting function.
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    Model T-ASF-AT1050
    Shell Material baking varnish
    Applicable Screws Spec. M1.4, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0
    Screw Head Shape JLS: dish head, tightening, pressure, UH head (countersunk or oval countersunk), with or without washer
    JCIS: type 1, 2, 3, 4 dish head
    Screw Thread Length ≤20mm (without screw head thickness)
    Supply Speed 60-180 pcs/min
    Input AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
    Output 12V/2.0A
    Capacity 200~220cc
    Weight 2.63kg


    1. Screw feeder has functions of individual counting and total counting. Quantity of screw feed can be set arbitrarily within the range of 0~9999. Counting function can be switched automatically/manually, and when the number reaches preset value, it will automatically alarm and stop.
    2. Applicable screws range is wide, and the track can be adjusted freely according to screws size.
    3. Screw blanking time and vibration time are independently provided by PCB to achieve operational efficiency. The PCB is protected by casing to prevent short circuits caused by the accumulation of screws. When jam occurs, the fault is automatically removed.
    4. Vibration motor has a shaft eccentric wheel fixing plate, which can prevent the motor shaft from reaming and damaged when the eccentric vibration occurs.

    Dimension Drawing of Automatic Screw Feeder

    Dimension of Digging Automatic Screw Feeder, M1.4~M5.0

    Usage Method

    Usage of Digging Automatic Screw Feeder, M1.4~M5.0

    Applicable Screws

    Applicable Screws of Digging Automatic Screw Feeder, M1.4~M5.0

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