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    Turntable Small Automatic Screw Feeder, M0.8~M2.0

    Affordable price automatic screw feeder, small size. Discharge method turntable-type. Applicable screws M0.8, M1.0, M1.2, M1.4, M1.7, M2.0. Installable screw quantity is 2000 pcs at M1.4*4 or 800 pcs at M2.0*5, capacity 80cc. Total length of screw should ≤8mm.
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    Model T-ASF-XT
    Shell Material stainless steel, white baking varnish
    Applicable Screws Spec. M0.8, M1.0, M1.2, M1.4, M1.7, M2.0
    Screw Head Shape 0/00/1(+)
    Screw Thread Length ≤8mm (without screw head thickness)
    Screw Head Thickness ≥0.2mm
    Installable Screw Quantity at M1.4*4 2000 pcs
    at M2.0*5 800 pcs
    Supply Speed (Sec/EA) high 0.7
    low 1.5
    Input AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
    Output 12V/2.0A
    Capacity 80cc
    Weight 1.53kg


    1. Shell material can select stainless steel or white baking varnish, small size, cross-feeding mechanism, and precise positioning point.
    2. Screw discharging is smooth, fast speed, high precision, and strong stability, and it is not easy to slipping, stucking, bonding, etc.
    3. Vibration, drum and turntable are driven by brushless motors. Digitalization control, can perform efficient function setting operation on drum motor, turntable motor and vibration motor. With individual counting function and total counting function.
    4. The track adopts full-line cutting precision processing, track gap is uniform and flat, overall tolerance is small, suitable for the use of precision small screws.
    5. Professional design for automatic locking screw machines, such as XY-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and screw-locking robots and other automation equipment.

    Turntable Small Automatic Screw Feeder Details


    Applicable Screw of Turntable Small Automatic Screw Feeder

    Dimension Drawing of Small Automatic Screw Feeder

    Dimension Drawing of Small Automatic Screw Feeder, M0.8~M2.0

    Tips: Skills for using screw feeder.

    1. The screws poured into storage bin should not exceed the height of the lower plane of track. Otherwise, it will increase motor load and shorten motor service life.
    2. Each screw feeder is dedicated for one type of screw. Please use screws that meet the specifications of this machine. Screws with similar specifications (for example, diameter of screw cap and thread are the same) can share the same machine.
    3. Screws are sprayed by pulsed air flow, so the host can be set high or low. But don't put screw feeder in humid, high temperature, uneven place. Keep machine surface clean.
    4. Mechanical structure, components, rails, and distributors of the screw feeder are all made of high-strength alloy steel that has been specially heat-treated, and has been demagnetized to reduce dryness of the screws. Except for cleaning, no other special maintenance is required.
    5. When taking out the screws on track, do not apply improper force to avoid damage to track.
    Existing reviews
    Lisa 9/16/2020 6:28 PM
    Instruction manual of turntable small automatic screw feeder
    How to use this turntable small automatic screw feeder?
    A manager responded to this review
    1. Turn on the two-gear selector switch on the panel of the control box of the feeding electrical appliance. This switch is a two-way switch. Turning to "left" means on and turning to "right" means off.
    2. The electrical box has a six-digit time, minute and second control. Before the power is turned on, set the work and rest time suitable for the feeding of the machine.
    3. When the machine is turned on, observe whether the direction of the feeding motor is correct. If it is not correct, stop immediately and change the power phase to change the direction.
    4. When the material is put into the material box, the material can be lifted by the screw under the power of the feeding motor and the material is discharged from the discharge port into the mixer or storage bin.
    5. After the installation sees that the flange screws on the movable link of the machine are completely matched, lock it and the belt pulley key bar is on the key slot. Pay attention to the butt slot during installation.
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