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    Turntable Automatic Screw Feeder, M2.0~M6.0

    Automatic screw feeder with digital display and larger storage bin. Screw discharge method brushless adsorption turntable-type. Applicable screws M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M5.0, M6.0. Screw length≤30mm, head thickness≥0.2mm, capacity 600cc. The machine is suitable for screws with a little large volume.
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    Model T-ASF-RJ2
    Shell Material black baking varnish
    Applicable Screws Spec. M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M5.0, M6.0
    Applicable Screw Thread Length ≤30mm
    Applicable Screw Head Thickness ≥0.2mm
    Screw Capacity 600cc
    Input AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
    Output 12V/2.0A
    Weight 5kg


    1. Fuselage material is black baking varnish, compact structure, cross-feeding mechanism, and precise positioning point.
    2. Screw discharging is smooth, fast speed, high precision, and strong stability, and it is not easy to slipping, stucking, bonding, etc.
    3. Vibration, drum and turntable are driven by brushless motors. Digitalization control, can perform efficient function setting operation on drum motor, turntable motor and vibration motor. With individual counting function and total counting function.
    4. The track adopts full-line cutting precision processing, track gap is uniform and flat, overall tolerance is small. Storage bin volume is larger, save time on manual filling.
    5. Professional design for automatic locking screw machines, such as XY-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and screw-locking robots and other automation equipment.

    Turntable Automatic Screw Feeder Details


    Applicable Screws of Automatic Screw Feeder Model RJ3

    Dimension Drawing of Turntable Automatic Screw Feeder

    Dimension Drawing of Turntable Automatic Screw Feeder Model RJ3

    Tips: Safety rules for using automatic screw feeder.

    • When screw feeder is running, do not insert your fingers and foreign objects into storage bin. Do not point the head of locking screw gun to any part of human body to avoid injury.
    • If the position to be locked of the screw is special (for example, there is interference from other materials around the screw hole), a positioning jig can be added to solve it.
    • If screw feeder will be not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug. During use, if abnormal phenomenon occurs, please turn off the power switch and unplug the plug first, and then let a professional handle it.
    • If storage bin lacks screws and causes an alarm, please turn off the power switch first. Turn on the power switch after adding screws.


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