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    Digital Inside Micrometer, 2-100mm, 0.004mm

    Measuring tool digital inside micrometer for sale, 0.004mm accuracy, 200g net weight, 2-100 measuring range, equipped with an extension rod to measure the diameter of the deep hole. When the micrometer has errors in the measurement, the wrench and calibration ring gauge can be calibrated. Electronic measurement and large screen display, accurate and intuitive readings.
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    2-100 electronic inner micrometer with reasonble price, high precision of 0.004mm, the micrometer package equipped with an extension rod, calibration ring gauge, wrench, screwdriver and standard battery. These additional tools can help you correctly operate the micrometer to measure the inner dimensions of the object to be measured.


    Model T-DIM
    Net Weight 200g
    Resolution 1μm
    Material Steel
    Accuracy 0.004mm
    Package Includes

    Electronic internal micrometer

    Calibration ring gauge

    Calibration ring gauge

    Extension rod


    Parameters Table

     Dimensions of the micrometer a  
    Product Code Measuring Range Precision Proofreading Ring Rules L
     01 2-2.5mm 0.004mm Φ2.5mm 12.5mm
     02 2.5-3mm 0.004mm Φ2.5mm 12.5mm
     03 3-4mm 0.004mm Φ4mm 22.5mm
     04 4-5mm 0.004mm Φ5mm 22.5mm
     05 5-6mm 0.004mm Φ6mm 22.5mm

    Continue Table

     Micrometer size chart b
    Product Code Measuring Range Precision Proofreading Ring Rules L1 Extension Rod
    Chrome Plated on the Outer Surface
     01 6-8mm 0.004mm Φ6mm 54.5mm 100mm
     02 8-10mm 0.004mm Φ8mm 54.5mm 100mm
     03 10-12mm 0.004mm Φ10mm 54.5mm 100mm
     04 12-16mm 0.004mm Φ16mm 80mm 150mm
     05 16-20mm 0.004mm Φ16mm 80mm 150mm
     06 20-25mm 0.004mm Φ25mm 90mm 150mm
     07 25-30mm 0.004mm Φ25mm 90mm 150mm
     08 30-40mm 0.004mm Φ40mm 97mm 150mm
     09 40-50mm 0.005mm Φ40mm 97mm 150mm
    External Surface Painting
     10 50-63mm 0.005mm Φ62mm 114mm 150mm
     11 62-75mm 0.005mm Φ62mm 114mm 150mm
     12 75-88mm 0.005mm Φ87mm 114mm 150mm
     13 87-100mm 0.005mm Φ87mm 114mm 150mm


     Detail one  Detail two  Detail three  Detail four
    Micrometer has a high-definition large-screen display, intuitive readings, and accurate dedicated to precision inner holes. Ratchet measuring device ensures the accuracy of repeated readings, and the high-precision screw rod ensures the long-lasting stability of the equipment. Three-point inner diameter micrometer is made of steel, and its hard alloy surface is very hard. Using three-jaw self-centering design, it has strong stability during measurement.

     Its accessories are very complete and have different functions. Ring gauges are used for calibration, wrenches are used to install extension rods, and screwdrivers are used to set zero.

    Tips: Principle of micrometer

    The spiral micrometer is made according to the principle of spiral amplification, that is, when the screw rotates one circle in the nut, the screw advances or retreats along the axis of rotation for a distance of one pitch. Therefore, the tiny distance moved along the axis can be expressed by readings on the circumference. The screw pitch of the precision thread of the screw micrometer is 0.5mm, and the movable scale has 50 equal scales. The movable scale rotates once, and the micrometer screw can advance or retreat 0.5mm. Therefore, rotating each small division is equivalent to 0.5/50=0.01mm forward or backward of the micrometer screw. It can be seen that each small division of the movable scale represents 0.01mm, so the spiral micrometer can be accurate to 0.01mm. It is also called a micrometer because it can be estimated to read one digit, and the millimeter can be read.

    When measuring, when the measuring anvil and the micrometer screw are close together, if the zero point of the movable scale coincides with the zero point of the fixed scale, screw out the micrometer screw and make the surface of the measuring anvil and the micrometer screw just touch the two sides of the length to be measured. At the end, be careful not to rotate with force, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate. When you immediately touch the measurement surface, slowly rotate the ratchet handles on the left and right sides until you hear a click. Then the distance the micrometer screw moves to the right is the measured length. The whole millimeter of this distance is read on the fixed scale, and the decimal part is read on the movable scale.

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    Scott | 12/14/2020 1:13 AM
    High-quality digital inside micrometer
    I bought these internal micrometers at the most affordable price on my When I tested on the gauge block, the accuracy was very high, and the packaging box with the micrometer was also very good, so that the micrometer was intact during transportation.