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    Inside Micrometer, 5-30mm, 0.01mm

    Measuring tools 5-30mm inside micrometer at low price, 300g net weight, included wrench and setting rings. Tool steel measuring head can measure various internal dimensions, the measurement accuracy can reach 0.01mm.
    SKU: T-IM
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    Best and cheap price handheld micrometer for sale. With an accuracy data of 0.01mm and 5-30mm measuring range, the inner diameter of blind holes and through holes can be measured. Equipped with wrench and setting rings.


    Model T-IM
    Measuring Range 5-30mm
    Net Weight 300g
    Material Tool Steel
    Resolution 0.01μm
    Precision  0.01mm


    The high-quality inner micrometer has fine workmanship and no burrs.
    Manual measuring tool with clear marking line for easy reading.
    Designed with a locking device and a thimble, so that the measured object is firmly locked, which is convenient for the operator to use.

    Micrometer details

    The micrometer details map

    Tips: What is a micrometer?

    The spiral micrometer, also called a micrometer, is a more precise length measuring tool than a vernier caliper. The accuracy is 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.05mm, plus one digit of the estimated reading, it can be read to the third decimal place (thousandths), so it is called a micrometer.

    The structure of the micrometer consists of a fixed ruler frame, measuring anvil, micrometer screw, fixed sleeve, differential cylinder, force measuring device, locking device, etc. There is a horizontal line on the fixed sleeve. The line and the bottom have a row of scale lines with a spacing of 1 mm. The upper scale line is exactly in the middle of the two adjacent scale lines below. The scale line on the microtube is a horizontal line that divides the circumference into 50 equal parts, and it rotates. From the reading method, there are three types of commonly used micrometers: ordinary, with meter sh and electronic digital display.

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    Misty | 2/1/2021 1:50 AM
    Easy-to-read inside micrometer
    The original inside micrometer scale has been used for too long and is not clear enough, so I plan to replace it with a new one. When I browsed the product webpage today, I saw that the inside micrometer scale of was very clear, so I bought it right away.