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    Digital Outside Micrometer, 0-25mm, 0.003mm

    Buy best electronic outside micrometer with reasonble price, 0-25mm large range measurement, the high measurement accuracy of 0.003mm can measure the outer diameter of the object more accurately. Micrometer can be operated with one hand when installed on the base.
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    Good price digital outside micrometer with optional base, 0.5kg net weight, two sets of 3V button batteries in a plastic box. 0.003mm measurement accuracy and 0-25mm measurement range. After the electronic micrometer measures the length of the object, the LCD display will show the measurement result.


    Model T-DOM
    Range 0~25mm
    Resolution 0.001mm
    Accuracy 0.003mm
    Measuring Force 5~10N
    Power Consumption ≤20μA
    Operating Temperature 0~40℃
    Storage Temperature -20~60℃

    1. Hard alloy steel

    2. Stainless steel

    Weight 0.3kg
    Battery Type CR2032 3V button battery (included)


    1. Digital micrometer has an LCD display, so you can see the measurement results intuitively.
    2. Electronic micrometer can be used with the base and can be operated with one hand, which can speed up the measurement.
    3. It adopts electronic measurement with high accuracy and more accurate measurement results.
    4. Measurement surface of the micrometer carbide tip can improve the grip and avoid the influence of the harsh measurement environment on the reading.

    Tips: How to read the numerical displayed on the micrometer?

    1. Read the fixed scale first.
    2. Read the half-scale again. If the half-scale line is exposed, record it as 0.5mm; if the half-scale line is not exposed, record it as 0.0mm.
    3. Read the movable scale again (pay attention to the estimate). Recorded as n×0.01mm.
    4. The final reading result is fixed scale + half scale + movable scale + estimated reading. 




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    Marco | 12/10/2020 1:30 AM
    Very good outside micrometer
    I love this electronic outside micrometer. They are of good quality and very light. I also bought a base that matches the micrometer. After the base is attached, it can be operated with one hand. After about three weeks of use, it runs well.