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    4-Piece Outside Micrometer, 0-100mm, 0.01mm

    4-piece outside micrometer for sale, 0.01 accuracy, not only as a teaching tool, teaching students operate the micrometer to measure the external dimensions of the object, but also involve routine household measurements. Supplied measuring stick and wrench can calibrate micrometer.
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    Optional outer micrometer with low price, 1.6kg weight and 0-100 measuring range. Physics teachers use it to show students the correct steps to measure the length of an object. A wrench and calibration standards of different specifications are included in the box.


    Model  T-OM
    Material High carbon steel
    Resolution 0.001μm
    Precision 0.01mm
    Weight 1.6kg
    Measuring Range 0-25mm/25-50mm/50-75mm/75-100mm


    1. The external micrometer includes four measuring ranges: 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm, 75-100mm.
    2. The mechanical external micrometer is made of fine high carbon steel with a dark green frame.
    3. It is packaged in a separate outer box with a measuring ruler and a wrench inside to calibrate the micrometer.
    4. The high precision and clear scale of 0.01mm can be accurately read.

    Tips: How to operate the micrometer correctly?

    1. Check the zero point before use: Slowly turn the fine-tuning knob to make the measuring rod and the measuring anvil contact until the ratchet makes a sound. At this time, the zero mark on the movable ruler (movable sleeve) should be aligned with the reference line (long horizontal line) on the fixed sleeve, otherwise there will be zero error.

    2. Hold the ruler holder in the left hand, and turn the coarse adjustment knob with the right hand to make the distance between the measuring rod and the measuring anvil slightly larger than the measured object. Put in the measured object, turn the protection knob to clamp the measured object until the ratchet makes a sound, turn the fixed knob to fix the measuring rod and read.

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    Kristina | 1/22/2021 5:53 AM
    Wide selection of outside micrometers
    I am a high school physics teacher, and recently I need to teach my students to use an outside micrometer to measure the external diameter of an object. Different ranges of outside micrometers are needed. This outside micrometer meets all my teaching needs, and I bought it as soon as saw it.