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    Extendable Ice Scraper with Snow Brush

    3 in 1 ice scraper features a PP scraper, a 360° rotating snow brush and a telescopic iron pipe, 16cm extension length, best for all vehicle ice/snow removal, detachable design convenient for storage.
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    Extendable ice scraper with brush can remove snow and ice on car glass and body. The normal length is 64cm (25"). After extension, the maximum length can be 80cm (31-1/2"). The snow guide groove on the ice scraper can speed up snow removal. The foam on the iron pipe handle is non-slip. The brush can be adjusted to the most suitable operating angle according to the user standing position, saving time and effort.


    Basic Model T-7475
    Weight 560g
    Size Before extension: 240*110*640mm
    After extension: 240*110*800mm
    Packing size 34*18.5*4cm
    Material Iron pipe, PVC, PP
    Brush rotation angle 360°
    Color * Black + Yellow, Black + Blue
    Function Ice/snow removal for all vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, etc.
    Packing included 1 * ice scraper
    1 * snow brush
    1 * detachable iron pipe
    1 * PP bag
    Master Carton Pcs/Carton 60
    1 carton gross weight 38kg
    1 carton size 68*56*42cm

    Tips: How to use an ice scraper?

    1. If there is not much snow on your car, you can directly use the snow brush on the ice scraper to gently sweep the snow.
    2. If the snow on the windshield is thick, it cannot be wiped off directly with the windscreen wiper. It is best to use the ice scraper to initially remove the large area of ​​snow on the car glass, and then use the soft brush on the ice scraper to carefully remove the snow on the windows, rearview mirror and door handles.
    3. It's the same operations for removing heavy snow on the car body. After the heavy snow is removed with the ice scraper, use the snow brush to clean the remaining snow on the car body and the snow on the roof.
    4. When cleaning, do not scrape back and forth, and only move in the same direction, so as to prevent the hard objects remaining on the glass from scratching the windshield.
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