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    Heated Ice Scraper, 12VDC Power Supply

    Electric heated ice scraper for wholesale, size 270*90*40mm, DC 12V power supply from cigaretter lighter, ABS and metal material, ergonomic principle design, low temperature resistance, good for snow/ice/water removal.
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    Heated ice scraper is powered by 12VDC cigaretter lighter. There is a metal heater on the back of ice scraper, and a power switch and a indicator in the front of the handle. It is best to wait for 3-5 minutes after the power connector is inserted to the ciraretter lighter connector.


    Basic Model T-5198
    Weight 250g
    Size 270*90*40mm
    Packing size 28*10*4.5cm
    Material ABS, metal element
    Power supply 12VDC from cigarette lighter
    Power cable length 2.7m
    Function Ice/snow/water removal for vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, etc.
    Packing included 1 * ice scraper
    1 * color box
    Master Carton Pcs/Carton 50
    1 carton gross weight 14kg
    1 carton size 53*31*52cm

    Tips: The difference between new electric heated ice scraper and ordinary ice scraper

    1. The heated ice scraper conforms to the ergonomic principle and fits the shape of the human hand. The edging treatment is conducive to the grip of the fingers and the operation is more convenient.
      Ordinary ice scraper does not have a heating function, and it is difficult to operate in places with thick snow or icing.
    2. The heated ice scraper has multiple functions, which can both shovel snow and quickly scrape off rainwater.
      Ordinary ice scraper can only shovel snow, not suitable for shoveling ice and scraping water.
    3. The heated ice scraper can't continue to work for too long. It is best to turn off the power and suspend snow removal every 15 minutes.
      There is no working time requirement for ordinary ice scraper.
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    Hannah | 1/29/2021 3:15 AM
    Good heating ice scraper
    Winter is the season of heavy snowfall. Every morning I go out to see the cars parked on the street. The cars are covered with a thick layer of snow without exception. This heated ice scraper just purchased from is just right. It comes in handy, and the snow from the car is easily swept away.