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    Telescopic Ice Scraper with Brush/Hammer

    Telescopic ice scraper features a soft rubber scraper, a snow brush, a retractable pull rod, a emergency hammer with a rubber sleeve, and a special cleaning hole for wiper, 580*110*150mm size, powerful functions, cheap price, manufacturer direct sale.
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    Telescopic ice scraper is a multifunctional automotive tool. It can quickly remove water, snow and even solid ice on vehicles in winter. The emergency hammer is good for ice removal.


    • Rubber scraper: High-permeability rubber material, soft and does not hurt vehicle, low temperature resistance, easy to remove snow.
    • Snow guide groove: Humanized design, quick deicing, strong toughness, low temperature resistance.
    • Telescopic rod: Aluminum alloy material, high strength, high toughness, freely retractable, freely adjustable length, easy to clean the roof of car/SUV/MPV.
    • Emergency hammer: The rubber sleeve on hammer can avoid damage to the car body when removing stubborn ice and snow, and can also be used as an escape safety hammer.
    • Special wiper cleaning hole: Easily remove the ice and snow on the wiper to ensure driving safety.


    Model T-6514
    Weight 350g
    Size 580*110*150mm
    Material ABS, PC, aluminium alloy
    Function Ice/snow removal, emergency hammer
    Packing included 1 * ice scraper
    1 * PP bag

    Tips: 5 ways to quickly remove ice on car by ice scraper and other tools

    1. If the door is frozen and cannot be opened, you can pour the icy area with warm water (below 60℃ /140℉), and then use a ice scraper to remove the ice. But after opening the door, wipe off all residual water with a dry cloth immediately. Otherwise thicker ice will form on the cracks of the door.
    2. If it is freezing in the keyhole, use a hair dryer to blow hot air against the lock cylinder, and it will become water in a while. Or use a lighter to heat the metal part of car key, and then gently insert the hot key into the keyhole. The ice in the keyhole can melt when it meets high temperatures. But never use a lighter to directly heat the keyhole. In addition, remember to wipe off the water in the keyhole, otherwise it will freeze up and block the keyhole again later.
    3. After the door is opened, the ice in other parts can be melted by starting the car engine for preheating. At the same time, use ice scraper can speed up the speed of deicing.
    4. When the car windows and windshield are frozen, the ice on the glass can also be removed by preheating the car. After the engine heats up, turn on the warm air, blow the front windshield and the rear windshield, and then it will thaw after a while.
    5. When the tire is frozen, use the ice scraper to remove the icicles, but be careful not to damage the tire. Then lightly step on the accelerator or move the car back and forth at idle speed for testing.
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    Freeb | 9/26/2021 8:38 AM
    Awesome telescopic ice scraper for the car
    This is a great product. It is very sturdy and very easy to assemble and start working right away. It works great for cleaning snow from windshields and scraping the ice from the window. Awesome products, highly recommend them.