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    Metal Ice Scraper for Ice/Snow/Water Removal

    Cheapest metal ice scraper with small size 110*185mm, mainly material stainless steel, ABS scraper surface, anti-slip rubber handle, no damage to windshield and car body, easy to remove ice/snow/water.
    SKU: T-ICESC-4
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    Metal ice scraper has the smallest size and the best design, which is very suitable for hand shape. It can be used for ice, snow or water removal of all vehicles. Because it is easy to store, it is especially popular with car owners.


    Basic Model T-2609
    Weight 43g
    Size 110*185mm
    Packing size 20*12cm
    Material Stainless steel, ABS, rubber
    Color Black
    Function Ice/snow/water removal for all vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, etc.
    Packing included 1 * ice scraper
    1 * PP bag
    Master Carton Pcs/Carton 400
    1 carton gross weight 19kg
    1 carton size 48*44*27cm

    Tips: 5 notes for car snow/ice/water removal in winter
    In winter, when we use ice scraper to remove snow/ice/water from the car, there are some details that need special attention to avoid damage to the car.

    1. Some car owners like to pour the ice and snow with hot water before shoveling the snow, so that the speed of snow removal will be faster. There is one thing need to pay attention to, the water temperature must not exceed 60℃ (140℉). Otherwise the car glass or car paint will burst due to thermal expansion and contraction.
    2. After removing the ice and snow, if there is still water remaining, be sure to wipe it dry with a dry cloth in time, especially in places such as door seals and keyholes, to prevent water from freezing again. Be careful not to wipe the windows with a damp cloth, as that will make the windows freeze, and the more you wipe them, it will be more ice. So it is best to prepare a dry cloth on the car in winter.
    3. After parking at night, first open the car door and ventilate for two or three minutes to allow the temperature inside and outside the car to reach the same level, and then close the door. In this way, the car glass will not easily freeze in the morning.
    4. In snowy days, before and after turning on and off the wiper, use an ice scraper to wipe off the residual snow, ice and water on the wiper. At the same time, wipe the windshield clean to prevent the wiper blade and the windshield from freezing together. If necessary, after parking at night, prop up the wiper to ensure that the wiper will not be frozen. In addition, be sure to change the antifreeze glass water.
    5. If the car is not used for the time being on a sunny day after snow, we recommend car owners to use ice scraper to remove the snow carefully, and then wash the car clean. Because snow contains a lot of corrosive substances such as acid, alkali or salt, the snow melted by the sun will cause corrosive damage to car paint. It is recommended to wash the car when the sun is full at noon, and carefully wipe clean the water, so that you can leave time for the car to dry and easily avoid the problem of freezing the car door. After that, the car can be waxed so that the body is not prone to water, and it is not prone to condensation and ice in winter.
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    Stephena | 9/22/2021 9:15 AM
    This metal ice scraper works great
    This scraper is great. The long handle really allows a person to get snow off the roof (as is required in my State) as well as to give leverage for scraping ice. It's also sturdy for a metal brush. It feels like it will last me for many winters to come.