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    PDR Light, Yellow Stripe, USB Connection

    Paintless dent repair LED light with a 1.5m length USB cable and a 40cm length bracket, powered by DC 5V power bank via USB connection, board size 28*15cm, 13 yellow stripes easy for checking dents position and repair status.
    SKU: T-PDR-LY1
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    PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) light adopts LED lights and yellow stripes to form projection on the car body. Its function is to let repairer observe the dents more clearly and intuitively, and check the dynamics of the dent during the repair process.


    Model T-PDR-LY1
    Weight 450g
    Type of light LED light
    Stripe color Yellow
    Light board size (L*W) 28*15cm
    Input voltage DC 5V (via USB connection)
    USB cable length 1.5m
    Bracket length 40cm
    Suction cup diameter 7cm
    Bracket rotation angle 360°
    Packing size (L*W*H) 34*23*9cm
    Packing included 1 * PDR light
    1 * bracket

    Tips: Operation steps of paintless dent repair light

    1. Place a PDR light near the dents part of the car. Since the base of the PDR light is a suction cup, it can be placed anywhere on the surface of the car. In order to prevent damage to the surface coating of the car, the bottom of the bracket is also a soft rubber pad.
    2. After determining the position, press the switch down to draw vacuum to ensure that it is fixed. Turn on the power switch of the light and bend the bracket to adjust the illumination angle of the light, so that the straight line on the light board is projected on the damaged area and the surrounding surface.
    3. By observing the projected lines on the damaged area and its surrounding surface, it can be clearly seen that the projected lines in the undamaged area are uniform straight or curved lines, but in the dent area, they are vortex-like or irregular projection lines. At this time, you can use the dent puller or PDR induction heater to repair this part of the dent.
    4. When the irregular projected lines return to uniform straight or curve, the repair work is complete.
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