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    Suction Cup Dent Puller, 55mm/115mm Diameter

    Cheapest suction cup dent puller for sale, ABS material, 75mm (3") height, optional 55mm (2-1/8") or 115mm (4-1/2") suction cup diameter, fit for automotive paintless dent repair, suspended ceiling disassembly, mobile phone screen disassembly, etc.
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    The suction cup dent puller is the smallest and simplest paintless dent removal tool. You only need to press it on a flat place on the car dent, and then pull up the pull rod to vacuumize the suction cup, and then the pulling operation can be performed. The suction cup dent puller is very suitable for removing relatively shallow and large dent on the car body.


    Model T-PDR-SCDP1
    Weight 37g
    Height 75mm (3")
    Suction cup diameter * 55mm (2-1/8"), 115mm (4-1/2")
    Puller material ABS, metal
    Applicable type of dent Smooth and big dent
    Packing size (L*W*H) 13*9*4cm

    Tips: The application of suction cup dent puller
    The suction cup dent puller is mainly used for pulling relatively smooth large dent or relatively shallow dent, and is not suitable for removing small dent. Because the sucking position of the sucker is flat, it is more suitable for sucking on a particularly flat surface. The suction cup dent puller can not only be used to repair the large dent on car body, but also can be adsorbed on the glass plane and the tile plane, for the disassembly of mobile phone screens, computer screens, and suspended ceiling disassembly.

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