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    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 18V, 4-45mm

    Durable machine of rebar tying with lower price has 60-82cm wire length per tying and 2-3 wraps per tie, 18 volt, applicable rebar size range is 4-45mm, can ties 4500 knots per charge. It is the ideal construction tool for all steps of automatic rebar binding.
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    Best rebar tier has reasonable structure, advanced craft, automatic tying operation, high efficiency and convenient maintenance. Applicable for rebar of 4-45mm diameter. Also, 18V lithium-ion battery has no memory effect so you can charge the battery any time.


    Model T-RT545
    Battery voltage 18 V
    Applicable rebar size 4-45 mm
    Ties per charge 4500 knots
    Wire length per tying 60-82 cm
    Wire diameter 0.8 mm
    Wrap per tie 2-3 Wraps
    Battery Li-ion
    Battery volume 5000 mAH
    Weight 2.7 KG
    Height 28 cm
    Width 10 cm
    Length 30 cm
    Recharge time Approx. 60 Minutes
    Packing included

    1 * Rebar tying machine

    2 * Batteries

    1 * Battery charger

    4 * Wire coils


    18V rebar tying machine18V rebar tying machine packing details

    Tips: How to install wire reel of automatic rebar tier?

    1. With the automatic rebar tying machine turned on, press the locking piece at the wire reel cover to open it.
    2. Take out the wire reel, tear off the packaging film, straighten the wire head (about 10 cm) of the iron wire, put the wire reel into the automatic rebar tier in a clockwise direction, and insert the wire head into the guide wire tapered tube.
    3. Insert the wire head into the deep taper tube of the wire guide until the top.
    4. Cover the wire reel cover to jam the locking piece.
    5. Pinch the iron wire with two fingers and push it forward, press the switch to send the iron wire out.
    6. If the wire reel is exhausted or needs to be taken out, press the locking tab first, then open the wire reel cover, hold the wire reel and pull it out to the side.
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    Najla | 10/21/2020 9:28 AM
    Great rebar tying machine
    The rebar tying machine we bought has been in operation for about 2 months and is running well. It can completely replace manual strapping, with fast speed and high efficiency, and there is no need to worry about steel bars hurting hands.