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    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 9V, 12-58mm

    Low price rebar tying tool for sale, is an automatic machine used to pack rebars quickly. 9 volt NI-MH battery included, applicable rebar size up to 12-58mm, ties per charge up to 1300 knots. This product can not be placed randomly, so as not to cause damage to parts.
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    Best automatic rebar tier is powered by 9V battery, provided for the use of steel bars with a diameter of 12-58mm, has reasonable structure, advanced craft, high efficiency and convenient maintenance, widely applicable for rebar binding in construction.


    Model T-RT550
    Battery voltage 9 V
    Applicable rebar size 12-58mm
    Ties per roll of wire 100 knots
    Ties per charger 1300 knots
    Wire diameter 0.8mm
    Length per coil 100m
    Weight per coil 0.40kg
    Machine size 29.5*10*26cm
    Machine net weight 2.6kg
    Battery type NI-MH battery
    Charging time 70 minutes
    Package weight 6.90kg
    Package size 35*13*37cm
    Packing included

    1 * Rebar tying machine

    2 * Batteries

    1 * Battery charger

    4 * Wire coils


    Best 9V rebar tying machine9v rebar tying machine packing details

    Tips: Automatic rebar tying machine troubleshooting

    1. When the automatic rebar tier is working, the arc formed by the iron wire appears outside the jaws, and the rebar cannot be tightened.

    • Cause: When strapping, an object blocked the jaws, causing the wire exiting track to interfere and the exiting wire to be off-track.
    • Solution: Adjust the binding angle to remove foreign objects in the wire exiting track range of the jaws to ensure that there is no interference when the wire comes out.

    2. Continuous wire tying.

    • Cause: At the end of tying, the start button was pressed without lifting the rebar machine from the rebar, resulting in continuous strapping.
    • Solution: Use diagonal pliers to cut the wire. If the wire is stuck at the wire outlet, pull it out. When working next time, press the button only once for each strapping.

    3. The charger indicator flashes.

    • Cause: Poor contact between the battery and the charger or the battery is out of use.
    • Solution: Stop using and replace with a new charger or batter.
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    Ieuan | 11/23/2020 1:01 AM
    The fastest strapping machine
    This is the steel bar tying machine I bought last year. It can pack steel bars quickly and can be widely used in building steel bars. But it should be noted that it cannot be placed randomly, otherwise it will cause damage to the parts.