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    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 12-60mm

    Automatic rebar tying machine with 14V battery is used to complete all steps of rebar binding in construction work. The wire length and ties per roll of wire are up to 103-128cm and 78-90 knots respectively. And the applicable rebar size is 12-60mm.
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    Factory price rebar tier of 14 volt is an automatic machine for bundling 12-60mm diameter steel bars. It ties 2500 knots per charge and has 3-4 times work efficiency than labors, can save a lot of manpower and improve work efficiency.


    Model T-RT580
    Battery voltage 14 V
    Applicable rebar size 12-60mm (Recommended total diameter of steel bars ≤ 58mm)
    Wraps per knot 3-4 wraps
    Ties per charger 2500 knots
    Ties per roll of wire 78-90 knots
    Wire length per tying 103-128cm
    Machine size 31.5*30.5*10.5cm
    Machine net weight 2.8Kg
    Battery type Li-ion
    Charging time 70 minutes
    Wire diameter 0.8mm
    Length per coil 100m
    Weight per coil 0.40Kg
    Package size 48.5*13.5*38.5cm
    Package weight 7.70Kg
    Packing included

    1 * Rebar tying machine

    2 * Batteries

    1 * Battery charger

    4 * Wire coils


    14V rebar tying machine14V rebar tying machine details

    Tips: Features of 14V automatic rebar tier

    1. Fast binding speed. The 14 volt automatic rebar tying machine takes 0.8s to complete one tie on average, which is 3-4 times of the manual speed. It can greatly save manpower and improve work efficiency.
    2. High binding quality. Manual binding requires skilled and experienced workers to do, otherwise the efficiency is not high enough. High-quality rebar tying tool can make the binding operation get stable binding quality compared with manual binding.
    3. The operation of automatic rebar tier is simple, convenient and the rebar tier can be operated by one hand, which improves the safety factor of workers.
    4. The rebar tying tool has light weight and exquisite appearance and is suitable for bundling 12-60mm diameter steel bars.

    There are 14 volt automatic rebar tiers for sale on online store, applicable rebar sizes are 12-60mm, 4-28mm, 6-40mm. Buy best one for your application.

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