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    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 6-40mm

    Best 14V automatic rebar tier machine for rebar tying makes ties in less than one second, per tie with consistent tie strength. Wrap adjustment dial allows you to select 2 or 3 wraps per tie and the wire length per tying is 60-82cm. The applicable scope of steel strapping is 6-40mm/ 0.2-1.6 inch.
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    This rebar tier tool is a hand-held tying machine used for 6-40mm/0.2-1.6 inch diameter rebars automatic packing in construction engineering, comes with 14 volt lithium-ion battery, which takes less time to be fully charged.


    Model T-RT450
    Battery voltage 14 V
    Applicable rebar size 6-40mm/ 0.2-1.6 inch (Recommended total diameter of steel bars ≤ 45mm)
    Wraps per knot 2-3 wraps
    Ties per charger 2700 knots
    Ties per roll of wire 120-170 knots
    Wire length per tying 60-82cm
    Machine size 30*30*10.5cm
    Machine net weight 2.7Kg
    Battery type Li-ion
    Charging time 70 minutes
    Wire diameter 0.8mm
    Length per coil 100m
    Weight per coil 0.40Kg
    Package size 48.5*13.5*38.5cm
    Package weight 7.65Kg
    Packing included

    1 * Rebar tying machine

    2 * Batteries

    1 * Battery charger

    4 * Wire coils


    14V rebar tying machine details14V rebar tying machine

    Tips: What is automatic rebar tying machine?

    • Due to the use of lithium battery, automatic steel rebar tying machine is also known as automatic lithium battery steel binding machine. This is a kind of hand-held battery type high-speed steel bar binding tool, which can replace the original manual rebar binding operation. It has built-in steel bar controller, which can complete all the steps automatically. Automatic rebar tier has been widely used in the field of construction engineering, and instead of manual binding reinforcement.
    • The structure of rebar tier consists of four parts: Engine body, special coil, 14V battery box and charger.
    • Features of this 14 volt automatic rebar tier: Fast, convenient and high-quality binding. Its efficiency is 3-4 times of the labor efficiency, which can save a lot of manpower and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. The applicable size of steel bar is 6-40mm/0.2-1.6 inch.
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    Farrah | 9/23/2021 6:36 AM
    Great automatic rebar tying machine
    At first I was having issues with it tying properly but after taking the time to properly adjust the gun it worked very well. This tool minimizes lots of labor time. I would highly recommend this automatic rebar tying machine.