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    Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 14V, 4-28mm

    Portable machine is used for automatic rebar tying. It has 43-58cm wire length per tying and 2-3 wraps per tie, equipped with 14V battery, applicable rebar size range in construction work is 4-28mm, can ties 3300 knots per charge. Suitable for steel bar, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, etc.
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    14 volt automatic rebar tier has a portable hand-held size. This rebar tier provides 2-3 wraps per tie to tie 4-28mm diameter rebar. Extreme protection technology is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions.


    Model T-RT280
    Battery voltage 14 V
    Applicable rebar size 4-28mm
    Wraps per knot 2-3 wraps
    Ties per charger 3300 knots
    Ties per roll of wire 170-230 knots
    Wire length per tying 43-58cm
    Machine size 28*30*10.5cm
    Machine net weight 2.7Kg
    Battery type Li-ion
    Charging time 70 minutes
    Wire diameter 0.8mm
    Length per coil 100m
    Weight per coil 0.40Kg
    Package size 48.5*13.5*38.5cm
    Package weight 7.65Kg
    Packing included

    1 * Rebar tying machine

    2 * Batteries

    1 * Battery charger

    4 * Wire coils


    14V rebar tying machine14V rebar tying machine details

    Tips: Advantages of 14V automatic rebar tying machine

    1. Simple operation. The 14 volt automatic rebar tying tool can be operated by one hand so that improves the safety factor of workers.
    2. Fast binding speed. The binding speed is 3-4 times of manual operation, and the binding time of each wire knot is less than 1 second, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
    3. The 14V automatic rebar tier has large binding force and special structure design, which makes it easy to bundle steel bars, aluminum ingot and heavy packing materials.
    4. Powerful lithium battery’s charging time is about 70 minutes. The portable rebar tier can continuously bind 3300 knots after charging each time. Without external power, the rebar tier machine is easy to move, and can be packed and carried anytime and anywhere.
    5. No fastener is required, and the two pole quasi force structure is adopted, which can easily realize the buckle connection between steel packaging belts, and the connection reliability is high.
    6. High mechanical durability. The whole body and components are made of high strength alloy material with high reliability design and advanced technology.
    7. The 14V automatic rebar tying machine has light weight, convenient operation and exquisite appearance.
    8. Patented fatigue free design, safe to use.

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    Herman | 11/25/2020 1:10 AM
    Rebar tying machine can also operate under harsh conditions
    Today's weather is not very good, heavy storms, but we can still use the steel strapping machine to strap steel, because it has a well-designed extreme protection technology, which can improve dust and waterproof performance and improve our work efficiency.