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    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 1000W, 32mm

    Rotary hammer with SDS drill for sale. 1000W high power, drilling diameter is 32mm. 800rpm no-load speed, hammering rate 4200bpm. 3 functions switchable: electric drill, electric hammer and electric pick. High efficiency and reasonable price.
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    Model T-RTHM-8032A
    Drilling Diameter 32mm
    Function hammering, drilling, demolition
    Voltage 230V
    Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Power 1000W
    No-load Speed 800rpm
    Hammering Rate 4200bpm
    Impact Energy 7.2J
    Weight 5.2kg
    Standard Accessories 3 SDS drill hammer bits (8, 10, 12*150mm), ruler, carbon brush, dust cover, tool box


    • 3 functions can be switched. Electric drill function for drilling of metal, wood, ceramics, etc. Electric hammer function for breaking in wall demolition, engineering construction, interior decoration. Electric pick function for demolition in wall slotting, ground chiseling, trench wiring, etc.
    • Pure copper motor provides high power, stable and efficient, low noise, high speed.
    • Spiral-type heat dissipation system, dissipate heat quickly and prevent the machine from burning out.

    Rotary Hammer Structure Diagram

    Structure of Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 1000W, 32mm

    Hammer Bit Installation

    1. Screw the four-pit adapter handle into the adapter chuck.
    2. Put in fastening screws and tighten them.
    3. Insert the four-pit adapter handle into the rotary hammer chuck. Align the short groove to round steel ball. Insert hammer bit down. When hearing a click, installation is completed.
    4. Put in hammer bit and fix it with chuck. After adjusting the concentricity, use chuck key to tighten the 3 holes on the side in turn.

    Hammer Bit Installation of Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 1000W, 32mm

    Tips: What checks should be done before using rotary hammer?

    1. Check the hammer bit.
      A dull or bent hammer bit will overload the motor and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, the old hammer head should be replaced in time.
    2. Check the fixing screws on rotary hammer body.
      As the rotary hammer generates impact when it is running, it is easy to loosen the mounting screws on body. Therefore, check the tightening condition frequently. If it found that screws are loose, re-tighten it immediately, otherwise rotary hammer will malfunction.
    3. Check carbon brushes.
      The carbon brush on motor is a consumable. Once the degree of wear exceeds its limit, motor will malfunction. Therefore, the worn out carbon brushes should be replaced in time and keep the carbon brushes clean.
    4. Check the protective grounding wire.
      Protective grounding wire is an important measure to protect personal safety, so it should be checked frequently to ensure that the shell of rotary hammer is well grounded.
    5. Check the dust cover.
      Dust cover can prevent dust from entering the internal mechanism of rotary hammer. If the inside of dust cover is worn out, it should be replaced immediately.
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