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    Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 800W, 26mm

    Best rotary hammer with SDS-plus drill for sale. Rated power 800W, drilling diameter 26mm. No-load speed 0~900rpm, hammering rate 0~4000bpm. Switchable 3 functions of electric drill, electric hammer and electric pick. Cheap with high quality.
    SKU: T-RTHM-800
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    Rotary hammer is a functional power tool with SDS drill bit. Electric drill, electric hammer and electric pick are switchable. Applicable materials are metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, etc.


    Model T-RTHM-6026C
    Drilling Diameter 26mm
    Function hammering, drilling, demolition
    Voltage 230V
    Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Power 800W
    No-load Speed 0-900rpm
    Hammering Rate 0-4000bpm
    Impact Energy 3.0J
    Weight 3.05kg
    Standard Accessories 3 SDS drill hammer bits (8, 10, 12*150mm), ruler, carbon brush, dust cover, tool box


    • 3 functions switchable. Positive and negative rotate.
    • Electric drill function for drilling of metal, wood, ceramics, etc.
    • Electric hammer function for breaking in wall demolition, concrete, engineering construction, interior decoration, etc.
    • Electric pick function for demolition in wall slotting, ground chiseling, trench wiring, etc.

    Rotary Hammer Structure Diagram

    Structure of Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 800W, 26mm

    Hammer Bit Installation

    1. Insert hammer bit into the chuck and rotate it to an appropriate angle. (Align the short groove to round steel ball)
    2. Insert hammer bit down, and you will hear a click to complete installation.
    3. Disassemble drill bit: pull down the lower part of chuck, take out hammer bit.

    Hammer Bit Installation of Rotary Hammer with SDS Drill, 800W, 26mm

    Tips: Precautions when using rotary hammer.

    1. After staring the rotary hammer, run it without load for a period of time, check and confirm that the mechanical linkage is flexible and unimpeded. Do not use excessive force when working.
    2. Hold handle firmly when operating rotary hammer. Use moderate force and avoid shaking. If the speed drops sharply, reduce force to prevent the motor from overloading.
    3. Pay attention to avoid the steel bars in concrete during operation.
    4. Rotary hammer is a 40% intermittent work system, it should not be used continuously for a long time.
    5. When the working aperture is more than 25mm, a stable working platform should be set up with guardrails around.
    6. Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during operation, and immediately stop the machine for inspection if abnormality is found.
    7. When operating rotary hammer, do not touch the cutting tools, molds and grinding wheels with hands. If it is found to be blunt or damaged, stop it immediately for repair or replacement, and then continue to work.
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