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    Impact Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

    Best impact tripod lawn sprinkler for garden and yard irrigation. metal impulse sprinkler head, maximum spray diameter 40 ft., water pressure 0.2– 0.3MPa. Tripod base comes with stainless steel pipes and plastic, 1/2 inch connector.
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    The lawn sprinkler tripod has a 1/2 inch connector that accepts different types of sprinkler heads with the same size. Its height can be adjusted from 45cm to 90cm.


    Model T-KN-TLS
    Spray Diameter 33 - 40 ft. (10 - 12m)
    Water Pressure 0.2 - 0.3MPa
    Body Material Metal, Plastic
    Tripod Dimension 45cm - 90cm
    Tripod Weight 0.456kg
    Sprinkler Head Weight 0.192kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.

    Tripod Dimension

    Impact Lawn Sprinkler Tripod Dimension

    Tripod Details

    Impact Lawn Sprinkler Tripod Details

    Tips: Advantages of Impact Lawn Sprinkler

    1. The lawn sprinkler can not only meet the needs of lawn, small shrub and tree growth, but also save your energy. It is good helper for serious gardeners.
    2. The automatic rotating lawn sprinkler is practical and convenient, which is very suitable for building a beautiful garden and yard.
    3. The lawn sprinkler is the best garden tool for plants and flowers irrigation with good atomization. In particular, it has good effect on the small shrubs and lawns that have just been planted.
    4. It helps you save water. Traditional artificial irrigation uses a lot of water, which is not necessarily effective. The water sprayed by the impact lawn sprinklers was fine and atomized, which has a good effect on absorption of plants.

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    Nathanhiel | 10/13/2021 9:15 AM
    The use of impact tripod lawn sprinkler
    Can this impact tripod lawn sprinkler be connected to a garden hose?
    A manager responded to this review
    Of course, you can connect to the water pipe.