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    Adjustable Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

    Adjustable oscillating lawn sprinkler for garden and yard irrigation, 15 spray holes, 4 spray patterns, maximum spray diameter 50 ft., plastic base with aluminum pipe, can spray water back and forth.
    SKU: T-KN-15H
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    Best adjustable oscillating lawn sprinkler comes with plastic base and metal spray pipe for garden and yard irrigation. It has regulating valve that allows the spray pipe to rotate 120 degrees.


    Model T-KN-15H
    Spray Nozzle 15 Holes
    Spray Diameter 26 - 50 ft. (8 - 15m)
    Spray Mode 4 Patterns
    Flow 0.56m³/h (Under 3kg Water Pressure)
    Body Material Plastic, Metal
    Dimension 9 *16.2 * 40.8cm
    Weight 0.31kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.


    Adjustable Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler Dimension


    Adjustable Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler Details

    Adjustable Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler Details 1

     Tips: What is an Adjustable Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler?

    An oscillating lawn sprinkler is one of the most popular garden sprinklers. It helps you take care of your garden and yard very well. Oscillating water sprinkler has a sled base that made from plastic or metal. The metal spray pipe it has can be adjusted to water plant back and forth, which can cover a large area of your lawn. You don’t have to always move the oscillating sprinkler. At, the adjustable oscillating lawn sprinkler we provide has 15 spray nozzles, and can be rotated 120 degrees to form 4 kinds of spray patterns. You can connect several oscillating sprinklers together for entire lawn irrigation.

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