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    Strap Wrench, 9 inch/12 inch/15 inch

    Buy low price strap wrench, selectable in sizes 9 inch (225mm), 12 inch (300mm) and 15 inch (375mm), high quality anti-slip steel handel, Nylon fiber rubbur belt strap for good toughness, adjuatble oil filter strap wrench with capacity 60-140mm for 9" strap wrench and 60-160mm for 12", 15" strap wrench.
    SKU: T-WR-SW915
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    Best 9-in / 12-in / 15-in oil filter strap wrench, designed with adjustable capacity 60-140mm / 60-160mm / 60-160mm accordingly, made of supieror steel handel and flexible belt strap with high durability and good toughness, to fit any shape without damages, widely applied for automobiles, oil filters, glue joints, shower heads, jar openers, pvc junctions, bottles, faucets, water filters, sinks, taps and so on.


    Model T-LXBS-SW915
    Sizes 9 inch 12 inch 15 inch
    Handle Length 225mm 300mm 375mm
    Strap Length 510mm 610mm 900mm
    Capacity 60-140mm 60-160mm 60-160mm
    Weight 292g 446g 676g
    Material High Carbon Steel + Nylon Fiber Rubbur Belt

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Tips: How to use a oil filter strap wrench?

    Strap wrench is an important tool for pipe installation and oil filter replacement, simple construction, low cost, and use more flexible, not easy to damage parts. The composition of the strap wrench, is very simple, a belt, a wrench handle, and a fixed pin to get these two together. So how do you use a strap wrench?

    To use, the belt strap should be threaded through the fixed pin. As the belt strap wrench head design has the positive and negative directions, pay attention not to make wrong direction when using. For example, when using the hand force is not able to turn the thick lid of oil filter, we need to use the strap wrench, to wrap the belt around. Pay attention to the fixed direction of the strap wrench. The curved handle head is in the direction of the force. The extra belt is attached to the handle of the wrench and can be wound around the handle for easy force. By holding the handle of the wrench and the extra belt strap with your hand, apply force in the direction required to unscrew the thick lid with the oil filter.

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    Lvan | 11/16/2021 8:30 AM
    Work great
    I have only used this 9-inch strap wrench once on the filter tank. It is very easy to use. It is much lighter and smaller than other wrenches. I would recommend it.