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    Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer, 10kN, 2.2kW

    Affordable price jumping jack tamping rammer for sale, delivers 10kN of impact force, powered by 2.2kW electric motor, 40-65mm jumping stroke, 10m/min travel speed, suitable for compacting sands, granular soils, mixed soils, gravel, and crushed aggregate in narrow or enclosed areas.
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    Vibratory tamping rammer, jumping jack tampper machine is an ideal construction tool for the compaction of the ground for the realization of ducts and pipes. Features with 10kN centrifugal force, 2.2kW electric motor, advanced design, compact structure, stable performance and flexible operation.


    Model T-HCD90
    Engine Type Electric Motor
    Power of Engine 2.2kW/ 230-380V
    Impact Force 10 kN (2248 lbf)
    Jumping Stroke 40-65 mm
    Travel Speed 10m/min
    Impact Number 450-650 times/min
    Plate Size 330 x 300 mm (13" x 12")
    Working Method Vibration
    Certification CE, ISO
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sales Service Video technical support, Online support, Free spare parts
    Net Weight 76 kg


    • Durable Belows: High quality PU bellows guarantee the tamping rammer works well.
    • Powerful Electric Motor: High efficiency 2.2kW all copper motor, one year warranty.
    • Thickening Rammer plate: Rammer plate not only has strong impact but also compacts the ground.
    • Easy to Use: Jumping jack temper tool is easy to operate by hand, can complate all kinds of compacting works.
    • Heavy-duty casing:The machine casing adopts heavy-duty integral molding, which has good shockproof effect and ramming strength.

    6 tips for jumping jack tamping rammer safely operation

    1. Tamping rammer shall be suitable for the compaction of bulk materials such as cohesive soil, sand and gravel, and shall not be operated on cement roads and other hard ground.

    2. The following items should be checked before operating jumping jack tamping rammer:

    • The components are well connected and there is no looseness;
    • Tamping rammer has enough lubricating oil to ensure the flexible rotation of the throttle controller;
    • Tamping rammer has reliable neutral wire connection or grounding, and the cable surface is insulated.

    3. In order to lubricate the machine parts and increase the machine temperature to facilitate normal operation, after the jumping jack tamping ramming is started, the engine should run at idle speed for 3-5 minutes, and then gradually increase the throttle, wait until the rammer jumps stably before operation.

    4. After the electric tamping rammer is switched on and started, the direction of rotation of the motor should be checked, and the phase line should be reversed if there is an error.

    5. During operation, the rammer should be controlled correctly and not tilted. In order to reduce the vibration to the human body, the handle should not be held too tightly, and the forward speed of the rammer should be controlled.

    6. During normal operation, do not press down the handle forcefully, which will affect the jumping height of the rammer. When working on loose packing or going uphill, the handle can be slightly pressed down, and the forward speed of the rammer should be increased.

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    Brett | 9/7/2020 6:31 AM
    Strong and reliable jumping jack tamping rammer
    I like this jumping jack tamping rammer so much, it is  my favorite. Its operation is very flexible and it is perfect for a clumsy person like me. I hope it will last longer. Will come to next time.