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    Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer, 12kN, 5/5.5/6.5HP

    Cheap price 5HP Robin engine tamping rammer jumpaing jack for construction work, 12 kN (2698 lbf) impact force, 40-65 mm jumping stroke, 330 x 300 mm plate size, 5.5HP Honda engine and 6.5HP Chinese petrol engine are provided to choose.
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    12kN impact force jumping jack tamper construction tool for sale, 5.5 HP Honda GX160, 5 HP Robin EH20 and 6.5 HP Chinese petrol engine designed for tamping rammer with 4-stroke single sylinder, heavy duty throttle control provides more reliable and longer service.


    Model T-HCR90K
    Engine Type Single sylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled
    Engine Brand Honda GX160 Robin EH20 Chinese Petrol Engine
    Power of Engine 5.5 HP 5 HP 6.5 HP
    Impact Force 12 kN (2698 lbf)
    Jumping Stroke 40-65 mm
    Travel Speed 10m/min
    Impact Number 450-650 times/min
    Plate Size 330 x 300 mm (13" x 12")
    Working Method Vibration
    Certification CE, ISO
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sales Service Video technical support, Online support, Free spare parts
    Net Weight 78 kg


    • Tamping rammer with 4-stroke gasoline engine which is not needed to mix gasoline and oil while different brands of engine can be used such as Honda, Robin, Chinese engines.
    • Easy starting, low noise, convenient maintenance and less fuelconsumption comparing to 2-stroke engine.
    • The handle can effectively avoid impact damage to the machine.
    • Aluminum alloy for lighter weight and better thermal diffusivity.
    • 330 x 300 mm thickness plate and heavy shock mount system can reduce the handrail vibration and improve operating comfortableness.
    • Precision casting body and polyurethane bellows, strong and duable.

    Tips: Transportation of jumping jack tamper

    1. Shutdown the jumping jack engine for transportation.
    2. For transportation, tighten fuel tank cap securely and close fuel cock to prevent fuel from spilling.
    3. Drain fuel for transportation over long distance or bad road.
    4. Secure machine firmly to prevent it from moving or tipping.
    5. Tamping rammer should be transported in such position as it is placed on level ground. In case of it must be laid down for transportation, drain fuel tank as well as carburetor and make sure that oil plug is tightened securely.
    6. Direction to lay down the rammer, must be such that air cleaner comes to top. After laying it make sure that there is no leak of oil or residual fuel.
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