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    Jumping Jack Tamping Rammer, 14kN, 5/5.5/6.5H

    Good price vibratory jumping jack tamper driven by 5.5 HP Honda GX160, 5 HP Robin EH20 or 6.5 HP Chinese Petrol engine. Cheap tamping rammer construction tool with 14 kN impact force, 40-85 mm jumping stroke, 10m/min travel speed, 650-695 times/min impact number.
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    14kN jumping jack tamping rammer compactor available with 5HP, 5.5HP, 6.5HP gasoline engine, reliable four stroke air cooled engine delivers low emission and noise, 330 x 285 mm (13" x 11") plate size, is suitable for construction in buildings, grounds, courtyards, roadbeds, bridge piles, trenches, fields, narrow spaces, etc.


    Model T-TR80
    Engine Type Single sylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled
    Engine Brand Honda GX160 Robin EH20 Chinese Petrol Engine
    Power of Engine 5.5 HP 5 HP 6.5 HP
    Impact Force 14 kN (3147 lbf)
    Jumping Stroke 40-85 mm
    Travel Speed 10m/min
    Impact Number 650-695 times/min
    Plate Size 330 x 285 mm (13" x 11")
    Working Method Vibration
    Certification CE, ISO
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sales Service Video technical support, Online support, Free spare parts
    Net Weight 78 kg


    • Tamping rammer with 4-stroke gasoline engine which is not needed to mix gasoline and oil while different brands of engine can be used such as Honda, Robin, Chinese engines.
    • Easy starting, low noise, convenient maintenance and less fuelconsumption comparing to 2-stroke engine.
    • The handle can effectively avoid impact damage to the machine.
    • Aluminum alloy for lighter weight and better thermal diffusivity.
    • 330 x 300 mm thickness plate and heavy shock mount system can reduce the handrail vibration and improve operating comfortableness.
    • Precision casting body and polyurethane bellows, strong and duable.

    Tips: 14kN jumping jack tamping rammer instruction for use

    1. Where the compactness needs to be increased, the tamping machine can be controlled by the handle to repeatedly tamping in place.

    2. The jumping jack tamper is not suitable for continuous operation at high speed. The internal combustion engine of the rammer is an air-cooled 4-stroke high-speed gasoline engine. If the operation time is too long at high speed, it will be damaged due to high temperature. Do not stop suddenly when the internal combustion engine is running at high speed.

    3. The tamping rammer should be equipped with a leakage protection device, and the operator must wear insulated gloves and insulated shoes. During operation, the cable should not be pulled too tightly, and the wire end installation should be checked frequently to avoid looseness and cause leakage. Do not work in the rain.

    4. During operation, when the tamping rammer makes an abnormal noise, it should be shut down immediately for inspection.

    5. When transferring a short distance, first lift the handle of the tamping rammer slightly upwards, put the transport wheel into the hook of the rammer, and then press down the handle to tilt the center of gravity backwards before pushing the handle to transfer the rammer.

    6. After the operation, the silt and attachments on the tamping plate should be removed, and the tamping machine should be kept clean and properly kept.

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    Madalyn | 3/30/2021 7:20 AM
    Excellent customer service
    Thank you for your email for giving me a deeper understanding of this 14kN tamping rammer. I have decided to buy your 14kN tamping rammer. I am very satisfied with your excellent customer service.