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    Wall Chaser Grooving Machine, 4800W, 133mm

    Wall chaser slot cutting machine for sale, with 42mm (1.7 inch) cutting depth, 5 PCS 133mm diameter saw blades, equipped with 4.8KW powerful copper motor at 220V 50Hz, 5000 r/min no-load speed, 360° slotted without dead ends.
    SKU: T-WCGM-4800
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    Best wall chaser grooving machine features 4.8KW 50Hz 220V electric motor, 133mm (5.2") saw blade diameter, 5000 rpm working speed, the depth and width can be adjusted to 42mm (1.8") and 40mm (1.6") respectively. It is a multi-purpose tool in the construction industry and can cut many different materials including red brick, granite, concrete, marble,rebar. 


    Model T-1201
    Saw Type circular saw
    Voltage 220V AC
    Power 4800W
    Saw Blade Diameter 133mm (5.2")
    Saw Blade Dimension 133*20*4.5mm (5.2"*0.8"*0.2")
    No-load Speed 5000(rpm)
    Max. Cutting Depth 42 mm (1.7") 
    Cutting Depth 42 mm (1.7")
    Cutting Width 40 mm(1.6")
    Net Weight / Gross Weight  6.3kg (13.9 pounds) / 8.8kg (19.4 pounds)
    Application red brick, granite, concrete, marble,rebar


    1. Adjustable cutting depth & wedth: Cutting groove depth and width of wall chaser can be randomly controlled. Max. cutting depth is up to 42mm (1.7"), max. cutting width 40mm (1.6").
    2. Easy to hold: Weight 6.3kg, the handle can be rotated 360°. It can also work much effort without any assistants to increase the efficiency of work.
    3. Safety: The slotting machine can serve for a long life with high power 4800W 220V 50Hz copper motor. The devices of water pump and vacuum work at the same time to reduce the dust during work to take into account your health.
    4. Multifunction use: Widely applied and adapt to different materials, such as red brick, granite, concrete, marble, rebar. Ideal for building workers.

    Notes: User should take dustproof glasses, mask and vacuum and water pump at the same time to reduce the dust during work.


    4800W wall chaser grooving machine size


    4800W wall chaser grooving machine details

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