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    What is a Pneumatic Screwdriver?

    Air screwdriver basic

    Screwdrivers are common hardware tools, among which pneumatic screwdrivers are one of them. It is used to tighten and loosen screws and nuts. The shells of Pneumatic screwdriver are mostly made of metal, which feels slightly worse than electric ones. But the metal shell has better anti-static performance and is very labor-saving and convenient to use.

    Air screwdriver working principle

    The working principle of the air screwdriver tool is very simple. By pressing the air in the air compressor, it will drive the blade in the motor, and then bring the blade to drive the rotor, bring the rotor to drive the screwdriver, and bring the screwdriver to rotate the screw, thus loosen or tighten the screw and nut. Pneumatic screwdriver uses compressed air as power to operate, and some of them are equipped with devices for adjusting and limiting torque. It is composed of a pneumatic motor, a beating device or a deceleration device. Because of its fast speed, high efficiency and low temperature rise, it has become an indispensable tool in the assembly industry.

    Air screwdriver application

    Air screwdriver types

    • Semi-automatic hammer type pneumatic screwdriver

    A semi-automatic hammer type pneumatic screwdriver is a screwdriver that will not auto brake after reaching the set torque. Usually the semi-automatic is designed as a hand-press type and a driving hammer is installed inside for screw locking. It is usually is simple in structure and durable, but without torque control. So it is usually used in occasions with large screws and less stringent torque requirements, such as motorcycles, automobiles, ships, and steel structures.

    • Fully automatic pneumatic screwdriver

    Fully automatic pneumatic screwdrivers pneumatic screwdriver is a screwdriver that can break running automatically after reaching the set torque are called. It is relatively complicated in structure, consisting of a motor, a clutch, a deceleration, and a closed air brake. It is usually used in occasions where small screws are used and tightening torque requirements are strict, such as electronic appliances, home appliances, etc.

    • Hand pressed pneumatic screwdriver

    To operate the start mode, you need to press the start lever, or press the plate button, etc with your finger.

    Some pneumatic screwdrivers are equipped with a device for adjusting and limiting the torque, which is called a fully automatic adjustable torque type. Some do not have the above adjustment devices, but only adjust the size of the air intake to control the speed or torque using switch knob, which is called semi-automatic non-adjustable torque type.

    Air screwdriver Features

    1. Rotate speed: The rotate speed of air screwdriver is generally within 500-8000r/min. The motor is driven by high-pressure gas, which will take away the heat generated by the friction of the parts during operation, so it will not get hot after long-term high-frequency operation.
    2. Torque accuracy: As mechanical braking is used, and the torque stability is affected by the change of air pressure, so its error is much larger, with repeatability about 5%-3%.
    3. Energy consumption: As compressed air is used as the actuating source, so as long as the air pipeline is properly installed, the air consumption of each screwdriver is about 0.28㎡/min, which is relatively more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
    4. Maintenance cost: With fewer consumables, only need to refill special pneumatic maintenance oil; no need to replace parts within one year.
    5. Advantages: Pneumatic screwdriver has quick working speed, high safety, without electric sparks, suitable for flammable and explosive places, is convenient to adjust torque, with low failure rate, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.
    6. Disadvantages: It needs a air supply systems such as air compressors, compressed air pipelines, with higher cost. Comparing to the electric screwdriver, the noise is larger, and the torque accuracy is poorer. The operation is not flexible because of the need to connect the air pipe.
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