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    1/4-in Drive 1-25Nm Mini Torque Wrench Set for Bicycle

    Small bike torque wrench set for sale, equipped with common socket bits including 2.5-10mm hex bits and T25 & T30 torx bits. 1/4 inch square drive torque, 1-25Nm torque range, accuracy to 4% in clockwise direction, light aluminum alloy handle, rust-resistant chrome finish, mini-size design and easy to carry around.
    SKU: T-WR-TW25
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    • Industrial grade 1/4" precision torque wrench, calibrated with accuracy to 4% in CW direction, stable performance and reliable use.
    • Torque range from 1Nm to 25Nm with 0.2Nm increments.
    • Mini torque wrench is designed with aluminum alloy handle, light and convenient to carry around.
    • With polished chrome finish provides rust and corrosion protection.
    • Designed with precision fine ratchet teeth, easy to operate in tight spaces.
    • Small torque wrench set includes common bits: Hex 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and Torx T25, T30.
    • Best torque wrench set, suitable for bicycles, motorcycle, car repair, home DIY repair and so on.


    Model T-KB25S
    Torque Range 1-25Nm
    Torque Increments 0.2Nm
    Square Drive Size 1/4 inch
    Accuracy (CW) 4%
    Finish Polished chrome
    Wrench Length 220mm
    Wrench Weight 0.19kg
    Package Weight 0.48kg
    Package Size 260*80*80mm
    Package Included ① 1-25Nm torque wrench * 1
    ② Hex bits: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    Torx bits: T25, T30
    ③ Canvas zipper bag * 1

    Torque Wrench Size

    1/4" 1-25Nm Small Torque Wrench Set Sizes

    Tips: Types of Torque wrench

    At this stage, the torque wrench is divided into click type, digital type, beam type (dial type), and slip type (preset/fixed value).

    The click type adopts the principle of leverage. When the torque reaches the set torque, there will be a "click" mechanical collision sound. After that, the wrench will become a dead corner, which is equivalent to a dead wrench. If you apply more force, there will be excessive force.

    The digital torque wrench is similar to the beam type (dial type), both of which visualize the acting torque. At this stage, the digital display and pointer work on the basis of a preset torque wrench.

    The slip type (preset/fixed value) adopts overload protection and automatic unloading mode. When the torque reaches the set torque, it will automatically unload the force (the sound of mechanical collision will also appear), and then the wrench will automatically reset, if you apply force again, It will slip again and there will be no excessive force.

    The click type torque wrench is the mainstream product in the current market, which is mainly reflected in the low price. The other three types are relatively expensive. However, due to the increasing requirements of all walks of life and efficiency, the demand for digital, beam type (dial type) and slip type (self-sliding type) torque wrench will be higher and higher


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    Randy | 11/19/2020 2:35 AM
    I like the bike mini torque wrench set
    This mini torque wrench set is simply our cyclist's favorite. It is small, convenient and easy to carry, and has the most complete wrench tools to meet your car repair needs. If you are a car lover, then buy it quickly.