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    1/4-in Drive Digital Torque Wrench, 4-20Nm

    Buy 1/4-in square drive preset torque wrench at best price. With ±3% accuracy, digital torque wrench provides 4Nm to 20Nm torque range with digital display for easy readout, 5 different torque measurement units for choice, battery-powered, durable CR-V steel housing and comfortable TPR handle, ideal for bicycle, automotive and so on.
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    • 1/4” square drive torque wrench at best price, accuracy up to ±3%, and torque range 4-20Nm.
    • 5 torque measurement units for selection and quick conversion in Nm/ft. lb. In/kg/
    • Ratchet torque wrench with quick-release function, and reversible ratchet head, convenient to use.
    • Battery-powered torque wrench, enegy-saving, continuous operating time up to 700 hours and auto low voltage alarm function.
    • With easy operation, click-type torque wrench will emit a click sound when the preset value is reached.
    • Hardened CR-V steel construction for strength and durability, and ergonomic TPR soft-grip handle for comfortable use and long-time work.
    • Stable, durable and high cost performance. Digital display, easy to read. Perfect for automotive, production line, railway and other occasions.


    Model T-DS-20
    Drive Size 1/4 inch
    Torque Range 4-20Nm
    Torque Unit ft-lbs, N-m, inch-lbs, cm-kg2, m-kg
    Power 1 X CR2032 DC 3V BATTERY
    Accuracy ±3%
    Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
    Auto Shutdown 60 second
    Scale Display Digital
    Material Chrome vanadium steel (CR-V)
    Finish Chrome plated
    Overall Length 370mm
    Weight 1.02kg


    1/4 inch Digital Torque Wrench Details

    Tips: Differences among 3 main types of torque wrenches

    Torque wrenches can be divided into electric, pneumatic and manual from the perspective of power source. There are three types of manual torque wrenches commonly used in the industry: click type torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches, beam/ dial torque wrench.

    Each type of torque wrench has its own characteristics, and the occasions are different. For example, the click type preset torque wrench is mainly used for tightening the bolts at preset value, and the digital torque wrench and dial type torque wrench are generally used for torque detection. Generally speaking, the use of torque wrenches mainly lies in the precise control of bolt force values.

    Here is a simple comparison among three types of torque wrench. Through the basic knowledge above, it is roughly classified as follows:

    1. The degree of difficulty of operation: digital display type> click type> beam/dial type
    Because the digital torque wrench can be classified as an electronic product, the torque setting, the mode selection and the use of some combination keys still have certain requirements for the understanding ability of the workers. Of course, the digital display torque wrench is not necessary for general workstations, but mostly used for testing. The click type torque wrench only needs to adjust the torque, which is easier to learn, while the beam / dial type torque wrench uses the traditional scale reading, the torque does not need to be adjusted, as long as it is used within the torque range.

    2. Torque usage accuracy: digital display type>dial type>click type

    3. Degree of difficulty in reading: digital display type (direct display of values) <dial type (watch type reading) <click type (knob scale + steel handle imprint scale)

    4. Price: digital display type> dial type> preset type

    5. In terms of brand selection, if the requirement is absolute quality, high procurement accuracy or other requirements for use, and price and delivery are secondary, then choose a well-known brand. This is no problem.

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    Jamy | 1/4/2022 6:33 AM
    I am very satisfied with their service attitude.
    I used this 4-20Nm digital torque wrench for the first time. The store explained it patiently and I was very satisfied with their service.