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    3/8-in Drive Digital Torque Wrench, 10-60Nm/20-110Nm

    Digital torque wrench with 3/8" square drive, ±3% accuracy, selectable torque range 5-30Nm, 10-60Nm and 20-110Nm with five common torque unit conversion, quick-release ratchet head, click-type pre-set torque wrench, easy to operate, hardened steel construction and anti-grip TPR handle, durable, reliable and favorable price.
    SKU: T-WR-TW110
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    • Affordable price 3/8” square drive torque wrench for sale, accuracy up to ±3%, and available in torque range 5-30Nm/10-60Nm/20-110Nm.
    • 5 torque measurement units for selection and quick conversion in Nm/ft. lb. In/kg/
    • Ratchet torque wrench with quick-release function, and reversible ratchet head, convenient to use.
    • Battery-powered torque wrench, enegy-saving, continuous operating time up to 700 hours and auto low voltage alarm function.
    • With easy operation, click-type torque wrench will emit a click sound when the preset value is reached.
    • Hardened CR-V steel construction for strength and durability, and ergonomic TPR soft-grip handle for comfortable use and long-time work.
    • Stable, durable and high cost performance. Digital display, easy to read. Perfect for automotive, production line, railway and other occasions.


    Model T-DS-30 T-DS-60 T-DS-110
    Drive Size 3/8 inch 3/8 inch 3/8 inch
    Torque Range 5-30Nm 10-60Nm 20-110Nm
    Torque Unit ft-lbs, N-m, inch-lbs, cm-kg2, m-kg
    Power 1 X CR2032 DC 3V BATTERY
    Accuracy ±3%
    Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
    Auto Shutdown 60 second
    Scale Display Digital
    Material Chrome vanadium steel (CR-V)
    Finish Chrome plated
    Overall Length 350mm 370mm 370mm
    Weight 1.08kg 1.2kg 1.25kg


    3/8 inch Digital Torque Wrench Details

    Tips: Basics of beam torque wrench

    The beam torque wrench is the most basic type of torque wrench, which are the simplest in design. The torque wrench is generally used with sockets. The beam/dial type torque wrench can show a torque when screwing the bolt or nut. The preset torque wrench can be set torque. When the desired torque is reached, it will produce a click sound, suitable for the occasions that have specific requirements for the torque.

    The torque wrench is designed according to the bending principle of the beam, the bending principle of the torsion bar and the compression principle of the coil spring, and can measure the magnitude of the moment acting on the nut.

    The beam torque wrench has a long elastic rod with a handle at one end and a square or hexagonal head at the other end. A replaceable socket is fitted on the square or hexagonal head and is stuck with a steel bearing ball. There is also a long pointer on the top. The scale plate is fixed on the handle seat and the scale value of each grid is 1N (or kg/m).

    Before use, adjust the indicator on the wrench to the desired torque, and then pull the spanner. When the preset torque is reached, the pointer on the indicator will turn to the pin shaft. Finally, the pointer will collide with the pin shaft and inform the operator through the sound box signal or sensing signal.


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    Andee | 10/14/2021 8:52 AM
    Satisfactory shopping experience
    The first time I bought a torque wrench, I bought a 3/8 inch. The workmanship, appearance and packaging are much finer than expected. The stopping point feels very clear, and it can be clearly felt without listening to the sound. The accuracy is not measured, I hope it can be accurate.