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    1/2-in Drive Digital Torque Wrench, 40-200Nm/60-300Nm

    Best price high torque wrench for sale, with digital display for readout. Preset torque wrench comes with 1/2 inch ratchet head, accuracy up to ±3% and available with torque range 25-150Nm/40-200Nm/60-300Nm for options. Click-type torque wrench is made from CR-V steel for strength and durability, and ergonomic TPR soft-grip handle, battery-powered yet energy-saving.
    SKU: T-WR-TW300
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    • 1/2” square drive digital preset torque wrench accuracy up to ±3%, and available in torque range 25-150Nm/40-200Nm/60-300Nm.
    • 5 torque measurement units for selection and quick conversion in Nm/ft. lb. In/kg/
    • Ratchet torque wrench with quick-release function, and reversible ratchet head, convenient to use.
    • Battery-powered torque wrench, enegy-saving, continuous operating time up to 700 hours and auto low voltage alarm function.
    • With easy operation, click-type torque wrench will emit a click sound when the preset value is reached.
    • Hardened CR-V steel construction for strength and durability, and ergonomic TPR soft-grip handle for comfortable use and long-time work.
    • Stable, durable and high cost performance. Digital display, easy to read. Perfect for automotive, production line, railway and other occasions.


    Model T-DS-150 T-DS-200 T-DS-300
    Drive Size 1/2 inch 1/2 inch 1/2 inch
    Torque Range 25-150Nm 40-200Nm 60-300Nm
    Torque Unit ft-lbs, N-m, inch-lbs, cm-kg2, m-kg
    Power 1 X CR2032 DC 3V BATTERY
    Accuracy ±3%
    Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
    Auto Shutdown 60 second
    Scale Display Digital
    Material Chrome vanadium steel (CR-V)
    Finish Chrome plated
    Overall Length 480mm 480mm 550mm
    Weight 1.49kg 1.52kg 1.55kg


    1/2 inch Digital Torque Wrench Details

    Tips: Working principle of click type torque wrench

    The principle of a click type torque wrench emitting a click sound is very simple. It can be divided into the following steps to understand:

    1. After the torque wrench makes a "click" sound, it indicates that the desired torque value has been reached.

    2. The "click" sound issued by the torque wrench is produced by its internal torque release structure, which is composed of three structures: pressure spring, torque release joint, and torque ejector.   

    3. First, set the required torque value on the torque wrench (the spring is sleeved on the top rod to apply pressure to the torque release joint), lock the torque wrench, and start tightening the bolts. When the bolt reaches the torque value (when the torsion force is greater than the pressure of the spring), the effect of instantaneous disconnection will occur. At the moment when the disjoint effect is produced, the joints are knocked, and the metal shell of the wrench makes a "click" sound. This confirms reaching the torque value like a reminder.


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    Richardc | 12/21/2021 8:02 AM
    Twisting direction of 1/2 inch digital torque wrench
    Can this torque wrench be twisted in both directions?
    A manager responded to this review
    No, it can only be turned in one direction.