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    100 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine

    Competitive price hydraulic punching machine for sale. Output force 100 ton, throat depth 135mm. Punching holes capacity iron sheet ≤20mm, angle steel 8-15#, U-steel 10-15#. Standard dies configuration 22, 25, 28, 32mm. Must used with electric hydraulic pumps.
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    Hydraulic punching machine is a heavy-duty hydraulic punch press, which is need electric hydraulic pump for power source. Applicable materials are iron sheet, angle sheet, U-steel, etc.


    Model T-CH-100A T-CH-100B
    Output Force 100 Ton 100 Ton
    Max. Punching Thickness Iron Plate ≤20mm ≤20mm
    Angle Steel 8-15# 8-15#
    U-Steel 10-15# (Only Wide Face) 10-15# (Wide and Narrow Face)
    Throat Depth 135mm 135mm
    Weight 119 kg 130 kg
    Punching Dies Standard Configuration Φ 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm. 1 set for each (includes upper die and lower die)

    Note: The hydraulic punching machine needs to be used with a pump. (1.5kW/3.0kW double-acting electric hydraulic pump: T-DB300-D2T-DB150-S2 are recommended).

    Structure Diagram of Portable Hydraulic Punching Machine

    Structure of 100 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine


    • The hydraulic punching machine adopts dual oil circuit design, punching and return stroke are completed by hydraulic oil pressure, high punching efficiency.
    • Punching position is accurate, and blanking is free of burrs.
    • Hydraulic puncher is suitable for field operation or fixed in the factory for mass production.

    Difference between Hydraulic Punching Machine T-CH-100A and T-CH-100B

    The difference is that the T-CH-100B can punch the H-Steel and the narrow face of U-steel, but the T-CH-100A can not.

    Difference between Hydraulic Punching Machine T-CH-100A and T-CH-100B

    Tips: Hydraulic punching machine maintenance.

    • The hydraulic oil in hydraulic punching machine needs to be replaced regularly. Basically, replace hydraulic oil every three months. In order to ensure the flexibility of punching machine, it is also necessary to fill the slider with lubricating oil. Before using hydraulic hole puncher, it also needs to be filled with oil.
    • Column surface of the hydraulic punching machine needs to be kept clean. If the hydraulic puncher will be not used for a long time, clean its surface and apply anti-rust oil to avoid corrosion and rust.
    • Regularly check the hydraulic pump used with hydraulic punching machine. Check pressure gauge about every 6 months. Protective safety devices, lubrication and other components should also be checked frequently for problems.
    • After using the hydraulic punching machine, cut off the power in time and wipe the machine tool.
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    Alidad | 11/10/2020 3:58 AM
    The best hydraulic punching machine
    I am a drilling worker, and I have to drill a lot of holes every day. Our factory recently bought a lot of hydraulic punching machines from, and the merchants gave me a lot of discounts. The price is still very affordable, and its drilling positions are accurate. The blanking has no burrs. It can perforate iron sheet, angle steel and U-shaped steel.