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    50 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine

    Affordable price hydraulic punching machine for sale. Punching holes for iron sheet ≤16mm, copper aluminum busbar ≤20mm, angle steel 6-12#, U-steel 8-15#. Output force 50 ton, throat depth 120mm. Standard dies configuration 16, 18, 22, 25mm. Must used with hydraulic pumps.
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    Hydraulic punching machine can punch holes in iron sheet, copper/aluminum busbar, angle sheet, U-steel, etc. It is heavy-duty hole puncher and must used with double-acting electric hydraulic pumps.


    Model T-CH-80A T-CH-80B
    Output Force 50 Ton 50 Ton
    Max. Punching Thickness Iron Plate ≤16mm ≤16mm
    Copper/Aluminum Busbar ≤20mm ≤20mm
    Angle Steel 6-12# 6-12#
    U-Steel 8-15# (Only Wide Face) 8-15# (Wide and Narrow Face)
    Throat Depth 120mm 120mm
    Weight 74 kg 81 kg
    Punching Dies Standard Configuration Φ 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm,  1 set for each (includes upper die and lower die)

    Note: The hydraulic punching machine needs to be used with a pump. (1.5kW/3.0kW double-acting electric hydraulic pump: T-DB300-D2T-DB150-S2 are recommended).

    Structure Diagram of Portable Hydraulic Punching Machine

    Structure of 50 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine


    • The hydraulic punching machine adopts dual oil circuit design, punching and return stroke are completed by hydraulic oil pressure, high punching efficiency.
    • Punching position is accurate, and blanking is free of burrs.
    • Hydraulic puncher equipped with 3/8" connector, which can be connected to hydraulic pumps of various pressure.

    Difference between Hydraulic Punching Machine T-CH-80A and T-CH-80B

    The difference is that the T-CH-80B can punch the H-Steel and the narrow face of U-steel, but the T-CH-80A can not.

    Difference between Hydraulic Punching Machine T-CH-80A and T-CH-80B

    Tips: Punching dies replacement for hydraulic punching machine.

    • Upper punching die replacement method: Use a screwdriver to loosen the fixing bolt of the upper die to the left, slowly remove the original upper die and replace it with a new one. Then use screwdriver to tighten the fixing bolt of upper mold to the right.
    • Lower punching die replacement method: Use Allen wrench to loosen the screw that fixes the die. Then from the bottom of the lower mold, use your fingers or a small tool to eject the lower mold from bottom to top, replace the lower die that matches the upper die, and tighten it with small wrench.

    Note: 1. The side with words on the lower die faces up, not down. 2. When replacing the mold, first remove the upper mold to replace the lower mold.

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